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I am working on improving my 0-60 times.

My Evo2 is only for racing.
It has
full cage
Front Rear Center LSD
Twin clutch
engine ported

I am interested in how to increase torque in the Evo2 engine.

I will probably start with porting the stock turbo .

Robert VanLane

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Do u get tyre slip? If so, get semi slicks or slicks.

But it seems more like a power pb, given that you want to modify the turbo. What ECU and boost have you got?

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I race on gravel, I use new tires for every event.
I just started racing with the EVO. I used to race Toyota Starlets EP82 and had them set up really well.
But I was disappointed with the EVO last season.
Just don`t have the same kind of power/weight as my compact 170hp EP82. I know my Starlet is 300kg lighter than the EVO.
But from standing starts and coming out of slow corners my EVO sucks.

The Evo turbo is stock and the stock ECU was tuned by the builder for gravel events.

On my last car I changed the final gear to as low as I could go. Raised the engine compression and ran with a lower boost.

I noticed on later EVOs that they also raised the compression. Was this because of the poor launches ?

Robert VanLane
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