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Hi guys total newby today on this forum.

I am currently in the market for an evo have seen 2 that takes my fancy but I know what these cars are like and can either be an enthusiast that has one or someone just wanting to kick the nuts off them constantly and not maintain them.

I have seen 2 online that I like one is a blue kind of coloured one that Wynford specialist cars are selling, it's an evo 8 and has been built by NR Autosport? Thought this might be the place to ask as it could've been a previous members car or a car that people know a bit about, I'm more than happy to hear he good or bad as in no rush to buy.

Their is also another car online a black evo 8 looks really nice and looks like only 2 owners from new and full service history the black one is probably the one more appealing to me as cars that have been modded then sold sometimes worry me and would kind of like a fresh canvas but if the blue one is an enthusiasts old car it may be the right buy. Exclusive autos are selling the black one if anyone knows anything about either of the cars please reply.

Any help would be greatly appreciated cheers
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