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Hi all,

I've been lurking for a while great board.

I am importing a EVO VII into the US. The car should be in California early April. I have some questions. The car will have a Motec M48 pro ECU (it supports US OBD-II requirements) and be mapped by a tech from Prospeed. I am interested in anything the will increase power at a good price. I will be running some kind of water injection and I need to run cats. I don’t mind a little increased noise, but nothing excessive.

1) Is it worth installing the Ralliart panel filter or should I plan on using a more complete suction kit? How do they sound?
2) On the exhaust side will a back box do anything for me? Or should I get a downpipe also? Any recommendations on brand?
3) On the AYC maintenance every 4500 is that fluid change only or should I also plan to bleed the control circuit.

Thanks for all the help I can’t wait to get my car.

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