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Figured I should start a thread, not been on forums in a long time.

My car history is pretty varied.

From E46 M3s, Escort Cossy, Focus RS MK1/2, Impreza new shape and old and a hell of alot more. I'm not too old either so done not too bad.

Anyways here we are.

This is going to be the weekend car.

Evo 6 Import
A huge folder of receipts, the original Jap mitsubishi manuals all import docs
Every receipt for every piece of work done to the car including jap invoices
UK service history from Mitsubishi
Same owner for the last 6 years.


Volk TE37s newly refurbed
BC Coilovers
Cusco strut braces
RS Rear diff with shafts ect
Brembo drilled and grooved discs all round with fast road pads

Full 3" turbo back system
Large Alloy rad
Uprated FMIC
HKS Filter
Walbro fuel pump
Forge Bov
Forge Actuator
Upgraded clutch
Lightened flywheel
Gizmo IBC boost controller
HKS Turbo tiimer
Mapped with pops and bangs etc

All the belts were done 3 months ago
Transer box rebuilt
Receipt for loads of other bits

Car seems really fresh, underneath is good aswell.

Couple of small marks on the body but im OCD about stuff like that so that will get sorted.


Paint a bit flat but I broke out of the machine polisher and its coming up like new

Turbo is buggered - Wastegate has about 1" of play on it so gettng a new turbo.

Runs great minus the above.

Plans are to make it a fast road car, get a new turbo then off to HQ to get the map updated,
refresh the underneath over winter.
Then enjoy it.

Mapped with pops and bangs etc


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Randomly seen your photos on instagram the other day, looks a nice car and had some nice past motors too! Think we're from the same neck of the woods as well

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Cheers pal, as you will see from instagram I've been through a few cars haha.

Just a massive petrol head :)

Turbo is now off the car, new one arrives on Friday, then off to get it set up :)

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Turbo never arrived on Friday for some reason the courier company never came with it, picking it up tomorrow and will fit it over the next few days as I've got Rugby training ect this week.

Cant wait to get it on the road, only done 7 miles since buying it.

Wire brushed the rear chassis today, primed,sealed and undersealed it just for some preventitive maintenance.

Actually suprised how clean it is underneath as I know they can rot like hell.

Ordered some bits from Mitsu and picked them up Friday

New gaskets, bolts, exhaust nuts etc

Will update with pics when i start the refit this week :)

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Ordered them the other day and they should be here tomorrow.

Turbo now fitted with NO oil leaks, car is running good.
Hit boost cut after adjusting the forge actuator too much but will back it off.

Looking to get it mapped in 2 weeks aswell.

Also got on order new vacuum hoses in red, new oil cap and a couple of other bits.

Will finish cleaning it this weeken and get some fresh pics up.

Need to get a rust spot on the passenger door sorted and the front splitter and she will be as good as new.

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So it's been a busy weekend at the Evo.

Fitted new BC coilover springs as one of them was broken.
Sanded down the red/pink brembo's and gave them a fresh coat of paint.
Finished undersealing the front arches.

Machine polished the car and it's brough the paint up like new, this was a before. I will go outside and get an after.

Car is running excellent, backed the acctuator off an its mint.
It's been a tough week with getting the turbo etc sorted but it's all been worth it.


New wheels
4 wheel alignment
Remap again to freshen it up
Get the front splitter painted and a few other wee bits.
Source a hard pipe kit for the engine bay

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Car goes into Mitsubishi on Monday for the rear suspension recall.
Also getting a 4 wheel allignment done at the same time.

Will take the car a good run tomorrow as the misses is busy so I'll be able to hit some "B roads.

Then its time to get some paint done :)
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