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My Evo 7 finally arrived back from RC Developments and Warrender this morning at 7.30am.

I think I have decided never to get out of the car, the car is totally different!!

I have never felt a car with so much mid range punch, much, much more that my old Evo 6 and tuned Escort Cosworth.

This car now feels like a beast, with all the pops and flames thrown in.

Cannot wait to get it onto a rolling road to look at the power figures especially the torque!

Seems to prove my point, that ever since I had the car, it was never right!

Thanks to RC and Warrender to finally delivering a totally mad car!

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Nice one mate!
Glad to see the whole thing has a happy ending.
For what it's worth, I would forget all thoughts about rolling roads and BHP/Torque figures - Leave it for the guys down the pub who DON'T have the kind of car you are fortunate enough to own.
If it feels right, it IS right and you don't need a rolling road to tell you that!
Good Luck!

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Agree totally with SuperL. Leave the rolling roads to those who would rather boast than drive :D

BTW The residents of Wimbledon cannot be any more p****d off as thats where I live, but I always drive slowly and quietly near home ;) :D

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Well Simon7Extreme!

I did not know you lived in Wimbledon, how strange...never once seen you before, in fact never seen any otheR Evo in Wimbledon, the only performance cars I see in Wimbledon are Aston Martins, Ferraris, Porsche's and of course the Woodcock's car(s) - but they have unlimited amounts of money!!

Simon, you must pop buy sometime, I'm only opposite Wimbledon Theatre Car park.

Took the Wife out in it tonight, she got car sick!! The car is certainly different!!

Very much considering going to Santa Pod tomorrow now! (last 0-60 was 6.0 secs!!!)

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Mods are:

HKS Air Filter, FSE Power Boost Valve (modified), uprated fuel pump pressure (wiring mod), Apexi S-AFC fuel/air mixture, Apexi AVC electronic boost controller, lowered and amp; brake and disc mods.

The most important aspect of the tuning (as I learnt) is the actual set of of the Apexi - done on a rear road.

Other mods were an HKS dump valve - which has been removed by RC as this is totally unnecessary, and also a cosworth fuel regulator, again should not have been fitted.

After being given, what I consider very poor advice from some tuners, I believe that RC Developments know what they are talking about....the proof is in the pudding

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Dear Ant,

Congradulation for having your car back. What exactly have RC done to your car? I am asking this question because I have an evo 7 too. I want to have 350 bhp and i have not decided who should I send my car to yet. At first i thought you had some problems with your car, was it RC's fault. Will you still recommand them?

Thanks for helping,


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God this could could be contraversal. - but not with RC

Yes I did have some problems with the car (see the tread on RC Developments 340bhp...), but it looks like it was probably the boost valve that had failed.

Further problems came when another tuning company tried to re-write the tuning manual, consquently the car was stalling, the fuel mixture was reported to be so weak that I was in danger of putting a hole through the pistons, and the bbost was turned down from 1.4 bar to 1.3 bar, as not enough fuel was getting through on any other higher setting...............HOW WRONG THEY WERE!!

Basically the car was originally put on Power Engineerings rolling road by Autocar (I know how contrversial rolling roads are!!) and the power read out was 349bhp (I will have the full spec when I see Warrender next tuesday - hopefully), this was achieved with the stadard cat (again people are now going to diagree with this!!)

Although RC Developments are over 200 miles away from me, I still would have no reservations in ever going there again, if fact so much so, I would probably get them to change the spark plugs, just in case another garage decides that the setup is totally wrong again.

What the did (or undid from the previous tuner and re-did what they originally did), was to put back on the Power Boost Valve, made an adjustment to it, also de-catted the exhaust, through out the HKS dump valve, and re-set the Apexi S-afc and Apexi Boost controller, (apparently this took 5 hours to do), finally I think just to through mud in some faces, actually turned the boost upto 1.45bar instead of 1.4 bar, until I get the car back to Power Engineering and look at the old graphs that Warrender has, will I know for sure what the diffrence is - graphically.

As a driving experience, the car can only be described as awsome (except for doing 1/4 mile sprints at Santa Pod - mind you I still laugh when I switched back to Tarmac setting, and held the revs slightly too high - enabling me to stand still on the line and slowly slide for about 2 seconds before the car decided to grip!! - really felt the power then - by the way I believe Snow to be the best setting for this).

The car trully feels like a rocket not, and it holds all the way through the rev range, as that Black Evo 7 Extreeme in Esher found out (although may not want to admit it - 99% that it was an extreeme)

So to answer your question, long windadly, I would never hessitate, especially as warrender arranged for the pickup - because its still a hell of a long way.

Good idea to speak to Clive there, he has the patience to listen, and give good advice, especially as he must get lots of calls like this, I spend most of my life NOT answering the phone.

But get the opinion of the Board, they will all say different things, but I think a lot of people respect RC, as the do with Ralliart - but thats a different story. I personally reckon that people go to ralliart if the bough an official car, and elsewhere if they bought a so called grey import. (my opinion)

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Thanks for your advises. I think i will give Clive a call tomorrow for some tuning advise.
I am thinking of going to Warrenders Trackday, I was promised a ride in their 380bhp demo Evo7.


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Ah Yes! the 380, that will be interesting, Simon and Ian were raving on about it, as was Clive, it sound quite an interesting setup, but need to go into more detail about it, apparently its a natural progression up from the 340 - i.e not such a heavy knock on the cost.

But as I am now looking more a torque than bhp for the future, i would like to see the figures, and I have been told that the 380 is more suited as a trackday car, than a normal shopping car.

Probably see you next tuesday (not meaning to be rude with that sentence)

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I am pretty certain that you did not come across a 7 Extreme in Esher. I am meant to be the only Extreme in the area and I was nowhere near Esher at the time. There have been only 4 or 5 delivered so far and I believe that mine is the only all black one. For that matter, I have never had the car in Esher. I don't want to start a my one is better than yours type of debate because there is always somebody out there with one that is better, BLade and the 7 Extreme S to name but 2.

As Blade has pointed out, the RR does not show how the car actually drives, how easy it is to get the power down on the road and how flexible it is. I have heard good and bad things about RC as I have about many others. I am sure you have a great car and it does appear that RC looked after you. Did they charge you for sorting out the car? Are you going to claim anything from the rogue tuner (money back or if RC charged you, that money back)?

One question that I always ask is how much warranty do you get with your car? What limitations are there on the warranty? I am sure we will meet up soon so don't let anybody f**k it up before then!!

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Thanks for that Simon,

This is very interesting, I , as I said, 99% sure this was an extreme, it certainly was a ralliart, and it was not a Y reg, it was the new funny number plates (not meaning to be rude), the exhaust certainly looked like an extreme as well, the noise and popping was quite to get to the bottom of this!!

With regards to tuning etc, I still state that as yours is from Ralliart, you WILL always use ralliart (and I don't blame you, you've spent alot on the car), I was the same with the Cosworth, as it was from Ford Motorsport, I only went to them!

I'm not saying Ralliart would not want to touch my car, its just that I think they would treat their own customers better 9you can't blame them for that)

I have recieved a bill, but this was for removing the parts that were put on - that should not have been, and to put back on the power boost valve (which incidently the other tuning company say that they have probably thrown away) - the rest including the all important setup was free of charge.

I know there appear to be a lot of competition with RC/Warrender and Ralliart, and of course Ralliart should always come out on top, but only for customer who have spent a lot of money with them in the first place. As for claiming money back, I am in the process of writing a letter to them on the matter, if it starts to get nasty, i'll refer to my company solicitor.

As regards to the warranty issue, this may sound really daft, but warranty never really worries me, it never was or has been an issue for me, may sound mad I know, but there will probably be a lot I will do with the car, before I sell it 9if I get bored this time!). The hi-fi installed in the car has probably already broken every warranty rule.

At the end of the day I know Mitsibushi's are strong reliable cars, and japaneese.

Yes, no doubt will meet up, won't have a racy argument - I respect the Extreeme, I just like to have mine played with - although it would probably be cheere in the long run to have bought an Extreeme.

They only thing I have to keep remembering is to take the car keys with me upstairs, or fit a large 1000 volt wire across the letterbox and hope they use a metal fishing rod!

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I shouldn't be telling tales but if it was an Extreme, he wasn't running it in very sensibly as I believe that mine is the only one to have had its first service. Part of that service is to turn the boost up from about 1.2bar to 1.5bar. I am not sure about the competition between Ralliart and Warrander as I think they cater for different parts of the market.

Hope you get some money out of the bandits. There does seem to me to be only a few people out there who you can trust.

Finally, the warranty question was not having a dig or anything but an genuine enquiry as I am interested in this whole matter of tuning engines and what happens if it all goes Pete Tong . When do you knock off work and when would be a good day to meet up?

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I agree with you on that (not very many you can trust) - In fact no-one has produced a list yet!!

Maybe someone ought to start it off - could get banned from the board though.

My opinion from what I have heard, read and amp; experienced would really like to nominate the following:

Ralliart (well you have to put them first really, they must be considered as the masters - but which ralliart??)
RC Developement (obviously the experience I have had, the publicity, and other coments - as well as taking time to talk to you)
Power Engineering (Heard good things about them - they solved a good problem some years ago with my escort cossie)

Had no experience of any other Trustworthy and amp; Good tuners.

Good idea to set up a meet, would be nice to see the 7 extreeme close up, I usually knock off at anytime as long as its after about 1pm (tend to get most of my work done by then), and I do not work Wednesday or Sunday.

I think I'm right in saying, that you like in or near Wimbledon, my car is usually parked in the car park next to Wimbledon thetre, opposite the office - just so the staff can keep an eye on it!! - So that may be a good place - might attract a lot of attention though.

Don't know about you, but I tend to find a lot of japs take photos of the car when its parked up in Wimbledon - don't know why!

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4 What its worth.....

I have had many encounters with tuning companies over the last 3 years and I can only recommend RC Developments. Clive is THE MAN !........ He is a very intelligent individual who never ceases to impress me with his knowledge. He works thru problems with care and is very methodical. He makes his own modified tools for hard to reach places and designs manifolds and exhausts with great precision and rebuilds gearboxes, transfer cases and AYC diffs. Technicians like Clive are VERY VERY RARE. He has the answers - not repeated parrot phrases - He knows why things work and what they exactly do or don't.


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That may have moved Rc Developents to the top of the list now!

(well its received the most number of votes so far)

And I totally agree with you Johnathon

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CAN'T WAIT................
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