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I was just down at Mark Shead's today, he removed the sump so we could finally see what the internals of my engine were:

Cosworth Engineering Forged Pistons
Standard rods and bolts
Standard crank

Also, he took the air intake off of the turbo, I had a good look at the serial plate on the turbo. It is the
TD-06L2 - 20G which is claimed as being rated to 500ps in one of my Jap mags. Mark measured the restrictor and it was 55mm (WRC cars have a 32mm ????? restricor) The Garret T34 that Mark uses for his 400BHP Escort Cossie's have a 47mm restrictor. Mark reckons the turbo can flow enough air for 500bhp (with the right engine set-up) Whooopeee !!

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Hi Simon,apart from pistons standard internals! Clive at RC was right thanks for the info see you at the rolling road .
Regards Barry:)

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Simon - you confirmed my thinking on the Turbo - have ordered the same! Sounds orgasmic.

Get yer car reading for March for the shootout then! I know u r up 4 it!

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Now does everyone believe that changing rod bolts is a waste of time ?

Simon must have the quickest evo in the country, on standard rod bolts,
think that says it all

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Some guys in the U.S. have claimed to have built Mitsi engines to over 400bhp on standard rods and bolts (used for Eclipse drag cars)

Although the WRC cars have bent rods before so they always upgrade them. Maybe its because of the different circumstances and stresses on the engine ??

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The 400hp|PLS| Eclipses use 1st generation (or VR4) rods which are much much beefier than the later 2g cars (and evo Lancers).

Those forged pistons sound nice - Jun use Cosworth forgings AFAIK.

If you want mega hp I would be thinking about aftermarket forged rods.

The following works for evo 1-3's - not sure about evo 4-7 - HH6 do you have dimension?

Alternatively (for the budget conscious) you could get some 1g rods (any 4g63 16 valve pre May 92 with a 6 bolt crank - later were 7 bolt - plenty of Galants in the scrappies now) and have them machined to fit.
1 g have wider big end and smaller diameter small end.

part Nos.

Beefy rod - MD040550 - 53quid from Coordsport
Skinny rod - MD193027

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The WRC boys make 500lbs of torque at 2500revs, maybe thats
how they bend rods........I really must get a ride in one of these :cool:

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Yeh, well 387lb/ft is 500Nm (what my M5 has), so that is about right.

I think RC are probably right. I ran my engine with 1.6 bar boost, 360bhp and 330lb/ft on standard internals, no problems, at 1.5 bar. I think going over 1.5 bar is the issue. Ralliart run the Extreme S and RS450 at 2bar or more in the midrange, and with anti-lag, that is a big sudden bang, which can bend rods. Keeping power linear will probably not cause it. Also running on the road, it is less of an issue. It is different courses for different horses.

RC's cars have high power low torque (e.g. the WRC380 has a claimed 380bhp and 310 ish lb/ft of torque from memory at 1.4bar), wheres the extreme S is something like 355bhp and 390lb/ft at 2 bar max. The stresses are higher with the extreme s. I would also suggest that high revving engines would benefit from uprated internals too, as again the stresses are higher.

I think the only arguments is whether to upgrade conrod bolts, which are naff all money anyway. You don't need to change conrods themselves or pistons unless you need to change compression or deal with very high stresses on the engine, which few people will get via standard tuning.

It is like any safety item - I use uprated internals, water injection, larger intercooler, larger oil cooler etc., etc. - and the only benefit is to protect the engine from going bang. Could have spent a fraction of the money without these items, but for the (ab)use the car gets, I need all the protection the car can get!
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