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If you were me which evo would you buy and why?

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Hi all

I have been talking to a few people that own different evos`and i am still a little unclear which evo i should get.

It seems that people rate the evo 6,7,8 but a lot of people dont like the evo 8 for some reason,i think its down to the gearbox.

So am i right in saying that i should get the 7 or should i go for the FQ range?

What do you all think?

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Try driving a few different models, and see what you like best is the first port of call.

But ultimately it comes down to this if you are brutally honest about the whole thing. Quite simply it doesn't really matter. Buy the best presented, lowest mileage and best cared one you can find and most importantly afford, regardless whether it is a IV, V, VI or even all the way up to a IX. They are all good.

Remember though. Even if you buy a new IX from a dealer, or a £9,000 IV privately. There are all £30,000 cars running cost wise. ;)
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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