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If you were me which evo would you buy and why?

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Hi all

I have been talking to a few people that own different evos`and i am still a little unclear which evo i should get.

It seems that people rate the evo 6,7,8 but a lot of people dont like the evo 8 for some reason,i think its down to the gearbox.

So am i right in saying that i should get the 7 or should i go for the FQ range?

What do you all think?

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jijmmy said:

I have owned my 99 sti 300bhp for 4 years now and i would say that i dont find it too expensive really given the fact that you have a high performance car.

Are you trying to tell me that running an evo will cost a lot of money?if so what will take most of the cash?

If your like me then Optimax ;) ;) ;)
Personal choice again, the newer one's are better than the older one's thats why it's an Evolution.
I went from an VIII to a VI (long story) I wouldn't swop my VI for an VIII, not cos it's a better car, (it isn't, the VIII was more smoother) It's cos I just prefer the car I've got now..Even I;m confused now :confused: :confused: :confused: ;)



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1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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