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Cadwell park treated my car well ,how ever on being persued by a TVR GRiffith I think [a TVR driven properly]
Changed down before the mountain and pop NO third gear.
Third gear does not exist any more not even a crunch when depressing the clutch.
Tried selecting third with out clutch crunched a little but still no movement .
I can select third at stand still ,I don't get a whine ,or a rattle .
I gave the car a fast ride home in places and its just like having a car with out 3rd gear being fitted when purchased.
Normally if a gear box fails ,all hell breaks loose and other gears are affected with the debris from a shatterred cog.
All my other gears select perfectly ,inc reverse.
Perhaps the 3rd gear selector is buckled or snapped off?

Any thoughts any one ?

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Hiya Lofty, Dinky toy reporting in, I also had a problem with my RS box (closer gearing), in that I lost 2nd ( probably using gears to slow car down instead of brake pedal!), and the car also drove home fine, just the mechanism baulked. Drained oil out, but no major bits poured out. I have spare 6 GSR box you could put in whilst yours is being fixed. Has the preload in end bearings been removed from yours, will start winding up at 20k if not, good to get this done at the same time, AP 4 plate clutch much more drivable than Helix 6 plate, but get the flywheel skimmed,about £ 20, takes out take up snagging. Steve Hills mechanics reccon they can do clutch/box in /out in 4 hours at £30 per hour, not to0 bad. See ya at the castle, or contact us back on [email protected] if needed. All the best, Roger B.
PS, whens the next southern social meet? getting thirsty

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Whatever the problem it sounds like you need to get it to a pro asap to get sorted, otherwise your driving fun is kinda f****d. I once had the reverse problem in my 205 - gear change linkage went and the car stuck in 3rd - with only 210 miles left to get to my folks house! I did not enjoy standing starts... border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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Spot on with your driving assessment ,I did change down before braking ,or at least very nearly together,Does this seem to be a common problem to mess up the gear box?
thanks for the offer of using your old gear box.I have my van to run about in .if I get stuck on transport
If there is alot of damage ,then I will be looking for a second hand box.
Wondered if the E6 box would fit my E4 ,this would have the higher rated clutch loadings as well.
Oh well I guess I will need to get it sorted ,but I am in no hurry,due to being to frightened to find out how deep my pockets will run.
trying desperately to get to Coombe but ,how am I going to pay for my repairs if I don't work.Hey !! bit of a catch 22.
Will organise another Southern meet soon ,around the same area.
Get all the major events overwith 1st so we are not too EVO'd out.
It just ain't the same pulling a ton in my van from standstill.
Although the torque changing from second to 4 th isn't too bad.
I know it will put some strain on the engine to keep running it as it is.
Town driving is a pain,so I have parked the car up and just drive it at night to keep things functioning.


Paul s

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Young man!, how come your doing a ton in a comercial vehicle? You apreciate the turbo boosting in the midband after driving a diesel.
Its a bank holiday weekend, all work and no play make paul a dull boy! 6 box prob wont fit 4 anyway, All the best, Rog
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