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just off the phone to russ at wallace performance and im travelling up this weekend to collect my monster 5 on sat, i cant wait its been 18 months since i have seen it. been driving nowt but a smart car and a 2.5 v6 vectra since it went for rebuild.
sorry but had to tell somebody.

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the spec:

Engine rebuild quote, min. 400bhp spec, Mitsubishi Evo 5

Parts/Labour £
Stroker kit parts (crank, pistons, steel rods) 2.3 stroker kit detail
Turbo (T38 incl fitting kit) Manley Rods w/ARP Rod Bolts
Sard 700cc injectors Wiseco Pistons
Ecutek remap Clevite Main Bearings
Clevite Rod Bearings
Labour to remove and refit engine 4G64 Crank
Oil pump Wiseco Evo 7 Bolt Stroker Piston Compression Ratio - 8.8:1
Engine gasket set Manley Evo 7 Bolt Rod Length - 5.900"
Oil filters x3 The stroker style pistons allow for the extra stroke and this makes the whole system work. This setup includes a fully forged piston and Manley I-Beam Rods Rated to 800 WHP.
Oil 5 litres mineral, 10 litres semi synth.
Uprated timing belt and head gasket

Strip & check engine, remove balancer shafts etc
Full balance
Dowl flywheel to crank
Rebore 4 cylinders
Surface cylinder block
Check and rebuild engine

exedy twin plate clutch

dba front discs and uprated pads
front and rear strut braces
goddridge brake hosing

rear cage to come shortly....

Dyno time; Initial mapping (4 hours) and run-in
Additional mapping (3 hours)
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