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Got it late on Friday from Ralliart Dudley. The car had ~300 miles on the clock (probably testing etc...) and today has about
900 miles. It is amazing how many miles you can do if you like a car. Unfortunatelly most of them motorway miles (between 3K-4K
revs increasing gradually and making brakes every 40 minutes or so of driving).

First impressions:

1) Seems to corner better (more neutral) than my previous E6TME (although cornering under power not tested yet)
2) A few squeeks from the passenger's pillars
3) Slightly sticky clutch
4) Excellent and I mean excellent engine-exhaust sound (although not ideal for more than 70 MPH motorway cruising)
5) Much improved throtle response (compared to my E6TME) from low revs (even without pushing the car hard while detuned
and still in the running in period) that seriously makes you wonder if you are driving a Turbo car !
6) Performance wise will know after the run in period.

(a few bits a pieces need to be sorted by Ralliart in the first service, which I believe are related to this particular car - no serious
things like a couple of ratling noises, brakes bleeding ...)

So far happy with the car.

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Any chance you could tell us how much insurance you're paying please? I'm looking for nothing above a TME becuse I'm scared of insurance.

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can't be said (or described any better).

As I said I am happy with the car so far (a few things need sorting though). I am a bit
concerned about the mileage though (as I got it at ~296 miles which seems rather high
and now is at 880 miles). This car seems to love doing the miles ;)

What I am seriously concerned is the miles required to tune the car (during its first service).
Tony said that if everything goes as expected it may be around 20 miles but he also mentioned
thaty in some cases can be over a hundred. I've been informed that there are some strict rules
(no passengers or observers) while tunning the car in the track that Ralliart uses (when I asked
to be present during tunning). So all I want right now is the best possible tunning with the less
possible miles :) It may be me being being paranoid but I am terrified to the idea of someone
driving the car just for fun !!! I am afraid that one has to live with these worries when buying
such a car.



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Alex its your car you are entitled to be present,I would insist ,it sounds stupid to me,ask them to explain why you cant be present and for them to put it in writing,then you can post it here .Im sure many would be interested to know why!

Remember it is your car they are playing with,and as you said you dont want it thrashed for no good reason by some junior mechanic.I dont know why they cant do it on a rolling road ,they are only programming the Gems ecu.


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I know exactly what you mean. It is just that the Ralliart people felt quite strongly about it.
As far as I know they use a private track and the tunning may take more than a couple of hours
(possibly more than a day, who knows).
They probably don't want ohers to mess with them during that time (although I am prepared to wait).
To be honest I don't really understand the whole thing (as I asked to be present but not necessarily in
the car) but I can accept it. But this is as far as it goes. I expect them to be proffesionals during the
tuning phase (e.g not to give the car to a junior mechanic or others in order to test it after the tunning
phase in the track or possibly a rolling road as well). My experience with tuned cars (a couple of renault
5 GTs, Lancia integralle, Subaru Impreza Sti ...) says that they don't need to do hundreds of miles in order
to tune the car. So to be honest I am not expecting an excessive mileage.

As it stands there is no reason for me to panic (yet), it is just that after the bad experiences that I had with many
garages I always expect the worse. Be sure that I will post all my experiences (after the first service) good and

So far apart from minor things I have mostly good a experience with Ralliart (Dudley).

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I wouldn't worry. I suspect that they will use Bruntinthorpe and the guys who do the mapping aren't the joyriding types. After all, they can do that most days in their own cars. I have been told that mapping ECU's like Gems and Motec can be very strange. Some are easy, some not. I believe the biggest issue is getting the idle right and still have the right map higher up.

Make sure you are there. I would put your foot down on that one. I doubt very much there is anything untoward about them not wanting punters there but it is your car. I think there is a bit of a worry that as the mapping can be troublesome, if the owner is around it can make the mechanics look a bit silly ;)

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The car goes for service either Friday (afternoon) or Saturday morning.
Regarding the tunning I am mostly worried about people driving the car simply
as a spare (before the tuning or after it with the excuse of testing the car).
As far as the actuals tuners are concerned, I would expect them to be nothing less
than proffesionals with lots of experience.

Anyway, I'll ask again to be there during the tuning (I will have to take a day off from
my work but I am prepared to do so and travel about 130 miles each way) and see what the'll say.
I know that sometimes they may have to face silly situations (as that with the idling fine tuning for
example as you say) but I will not be suprised at all and it won't be the first time for me.

(What could really #### me off though would be them not accepting me there while getting the car
back with hundreds of miles and not properly tuned. But if something like that happens I'll make sure
that this will be their problem ;) )

I hope that everything will turn to be OK.


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I am sure it will all work out. Just tell them of your concerns! I don't think that is unreasonable to do so and I am sure they will listen. I am not going up quiet that soon so we will no doubt meet up some other time.

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Don't worry, no junior mechanics will joy ride your car - we haven't got any! Setting up eXtreme S or 450 which have Gems is something which is usually done at either Bruntingthorpe, Mira or Gaydon. It inevitably involves Toney Cox and a Gems specialist (we use several).

As for the secrecy, there is no real deal here and if it can be accomodated, some owners have been present although the timing of some of the sessions is sometimes pretty anti-social - 1am is not unheard of - mainly due to Gems schedules.

Most of the guys who do this sort of work are understandably protective of what they do and how they do it and don't give up the information easily - but if you feel the need to be present let me know and I'll see if this can be accomodated.

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It is just that everytime I have a suspicion that something wrong/bad will happen it usually does.
Unfortunatelly, I am very (and I mean very) particular and very unfortunate when it comes to cars.
(Maybe I am panicking now because I don't want to panic afterwards ;) )


To be honest I don't mind how hard the car is going to be used during the tuning at all. All I want
to make sure is that it wont be used in any scope other than tuning (no extra miles for the sake
of driving the car). The reason I am saying that is because it has hapenned to me with other garages
(including a Mitsubishi Ralliart dealer) for far less importand things (like going for a simple oil service and
getting the car back with almost 10 more miles on the clock).

So if the tuning is performed within a reasonable time of the day I would like to be there (if possible). In
this way I will know that any possible excessive mileage was due to tunning issues.

Best Regards,


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After the 1K miles service and now fully able and willing to step on it.
The car's behaviour is impressive, feels very very quick at low and mid
range revs although not convisingly fast (at all) at high revs (over 5.5 - 6K)
with 5th gear (some strange hesitation is there too). The RalliArt people
offered to come down to my place and have a look at it (along with some
other mainly minor things that need to be sorted). They have been very
helpful and very professional when I needed the most, namely the last few
days. I haven't done any direct dealing with them in the past (apart from
the purchase of the car) but if they are always like that I would recomend
without hesitation to any of my friends (for many different reasons).

So for the first time in my life that I am dealing with car dealers I can say that
I am more than happy with their support (and I am very difficult customer to please).
Let's hope that things will stay like that.
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