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Went to Hullavington airfield yesterday (19/4) for a thrash with Motorsport events, and all I can say is excellent. A good 2|PLS| mile track with a nice mixture of twisties, chicanes and straights. The psychological difference of just having a few cones to slap instead of a tyre wall is great, and I was driving on the ragged adge for most of the day and having an absolute ball. Was only in the 205GTi, but they still had to blue flag a Chimaera and a Supra turbo to let me past :D. Pity there were no Evo's there - it was mostly Caterhams Westies and a few TVR's.

Ed Moore and his outfit have been praised in the past and I agree - well run and a really friendly bunch to boot - they even gave me a push start when my old heap got the gremlins at the end of the day. Thanks Ed, top day and hope to be back in the Evo this summer.

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