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I thought I would post this here as involves all sorts.

Airfield days trully a great sport.I acheived quite a bit to day .
Firstly thanks to Andy griffiths for having me passenger and letting me drive his E6 for a few laps ,getting in a 6 was so familier and got to grips straight away.
Thanks to Jerry Flint for taking me pasenger in his E7,funnily enough the characteristics of the engine and suspension were famalier sounds and feel.But I would not of thought from the dash/seats general interior I was in an EVo,Ok the badges gave it away ,but totally redesigned ,I liked it ,more refinement for those long cruises .Enjoyed the late braking :D
Then Blade pulls up nods at me to get in ,tripping over myself to get my helmet out to show willing strapped myself in ready and waiting.
Off we set ,Now the interior is impressive ,I though to myself ,How does he tell the time and where the speedo? That steering wheel looks small ,and why the scaffolding poles.
Off into the 1st set of bends tyres gripping for traction,this is going to be fun:)
Off up the straight just letting things settle ,a little late braking then back to the start again .
Now were off !and she gets opened up like like a reluctant virgin,OOOhhh lalaa! side ways here sideways there,on the straight The noise is superb,hitting the top hair pin at what I would imagine is about 120,the braking point shoots bye,I thought jerrys at the wheel again,THEN STAMP onthe anchors ,front end locks up still maintaining a straight line.Thoses APS are fantastic.
sliipy slidiing around the hair pin down another straight to a chicane ,late braking again quick flip right then left and were are through .not a roll or murmur from the chassis.this happened for another 3 or so laps .
By this time my lips are stuck to my teeth with a grin that would resemble some one tripping on a super drug.
and siliva is covering the inside walls of my helmet.
Now I reckon 400hp is a handfull to handle but I didn't feel at all insecure sitting passenger,I just smiled and smiled and smiled.
Thanks to all 3 of you for entertaining my feeble mind .
Tried the late braking myself and do you know my car does stop from 110 to 40 pretty well.
All in all all another great adventure.
Good to me Dave 6 and a few others who sorry for forgetting names .there were at least 9 EVOs on the day all having a go .
I need a new set of pads next week.

Darin hope I didnt scare you too much with the passenger ride.

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Good write up! Liked the lips/ teeth bit. Is Blade really 9 feet tall? I wish I could get the day off in the week for things like this! Some of us have a business to run! :D

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Got to agree, an excellent day out. Hullavington is a great airfield venue, smooth clean surface and a good track layout. If you haven't tried an airfield day yet get booked on one, it's great for really finding the limits of the car in relative safety. My 180 degree spin proved that :). Well done too to Ed Moore and Motorsport Events, very professionally run day. Good to meet Shorty, Blade, Droid and amp; Andy and see so many Evo's there. Also Darin and Brian who turned up later on. Great mix of other cars too and some very well mannered drivers.

Blade is there really any need to have a car that loud :D, I take it it got you into trouble in the end!

My car stood up to loads of track miles today (including one pretty much non-stop 1 hour session) with no brake fade or warping on standard brakes despite some very heavy braking. On another 6 I've warped the brakes within 2 miles. Who knows what's going on, but just shows not all Evo brakes are cr*p.


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I really need to get a job that pays the same (or more :) :)) but allows me more time to play - I'm so envious of you guys!
Blade and his old campaigner are truly entertaining aren't they!!
Problem is, everytime we meet it costs me more money!
Sounds as if the car's set up then Tony?!!

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Blades Black and carries a sword ,that s where he get his name from.:)either that or he needs to buy a new razor.
About 6-6'2 good looking fella ,how do you think I got the ride.:D

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I thought he was Mexican! I don't think a RIDE is worth it to get into Blade's motor! :D As for the scaffolding, maybe he's got a sideline, as IT doesn't pay enough for the mods! ;)

Blade, we're waiting for your reply. Stuck in traffic?

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It's all been said! :( However, I would like to concur with ALL of the above and say I had a thoroughly great time. Thanks, Paul for the ride in the E4 - liked the quick shift. DaveG - did we talk apologies if not! Plus I have to say Blades machine is awesome - sounded like a low flying V1 buzz-bomb !

Thanks to Ed Moores organisation, more of the same please. Finally, I have to agree on the brakes - they stood up well - although I did get fade on the initial session! :D

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Youv'e got to get a quick shift for your motor. I have one and it is the dogs dangly bits (sorry to spend more of your money:D)

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I agree .... excellent day and nice to put a few more nicknames to faces.

And it's the first trackday I've done in this car where my brakes didn't fade or warp. I was managing close to an indicated 125mph on the straight and still had plenty of stopping room. I thought I was doing well until DaveG managed to outbrake me quite convincingly ... you do indeed have a fine set of stoppers there mate :D


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First time I've seen the outside of the car. Very very tasty!!!!

Was Zippy there? Noticed his car on the pics (jerry's). Zippy, where you been?

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Droid .

Good to meet you didn't realise it was you in the M3.
Dave you must have span just infront of me around the tight left hander just off the starting area.:)
That sky liner was a beast as well.

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Shorty, thanks 4 the kind words!

6ft 3 - actually :D

I did get asked to leave in the end (Difficult for Ed as he is my mate) but the car was just too loud, The external wastegate is ridiculous (turbo upgraders be warned). Am having a new exhaust gizmo made to get rid of it. Personally, I though the noise was a tad embarrassing! Left at 2.30 - but didn't get home till now (via pub and curry! :D)

Shame I couldn't have staid longer - was good fun, and great to meet so many people. Can't believe I just missed Darin and BRian!

Car was FILTHY at the end of the day!

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Do I understand this correctly. It was too loud for the track so you drove it home on the public roads :D LOL

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SuperL - car isn't set up at all. New springs/anti-roll bars etc seemed ok at the end after some fiddling - need a dry day on a proper circuit 2 be sure.

Power delivery was a mess, and the external wastegate noise a nightmare. GEMS, HKS fuel rail, reg and injectors next - that should sort it all out. Couple of other minor bits, and then - hold your breath - it is finished!

No more for me - just want to get it reliable and running right, so I can enjoy the track days.

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are you boys going to the next Hullavington day, as i wanted to go to this one, but work got in the way......


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havn't looked when the next one is.
Getting time off is at a premium for me ,doing cadwell in march,would like to get a track day in locally 1 day a month for the year.
will have to check on motor sport events web site.

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Hullavington is OK, but I would suggest Ed's other venues better if you are a bit more track oriented. Colerne (which is near Hullavington) has natural corners, and Bruntingthorpe.

I find flat airfields like HUllavington, Wroughton and Kemble a bit of a nightmare as the hairpins and fabricated corners are just a little abnormal. Tyre wear is very high on these days too.

I prefer tracks. Airfields are great for playing around with the car - you can see what your limits and the car's are without fear of hitting anything. I used yesterday as a shakedown 4 the car before Donington next week.

Let's not forget these are great social days too - alot more social that tracks usually. Great atmosphere yesterday. Not one single bit of mine's bigger/faster/prettier etc. than yours which was really, really nice. Everybody was a gentleman - but that is a trademark of Ed's days anyway.

Good value too.

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Shorty - that ride you took with me was nearly 10 minutes long (watched the video today).

Camera worked really well! You were being thrown around quite abit! Luckily I had a steering wheel to hold on to.

Funny how the sense of speed is more on film than in real life (for me anyway!)

Good crack - we must do it again, but with beer involved :D

Trying to move down your way - South Marston, what do you think??

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Have you washed your cars yet - had one attempt needs another go |PLS| jet wash. What a mess!

Well, worth it though!

Beer involved sounds even better to me! :D
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