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Huge thanks for comeing to RII Everyone and what would you like to see for RIII


Hi All,

I would like to thank you all for coming to RII at the weekend and l am real pleased that across the whole weekend l had lots of people telling me you were having a great weekend, and even an announcement went out that a regular for many years at the track had said that it was the best meet they had ever been to at SCR ! .

Many of you would not know this but we are actually only a very small club and we only have some 200 paying members so we are proud of the fact that amongst our few members we have some very good members willing to devote a lot of their spare time for free to try and ensure the whole of the Japanese Car Community has a good time at our Rotorstock events.

You may be wondering "what's he drivelling on about that for " by now, but the reason l am telling you this is because is because if any of you thought the event was maybe not as slick as it could have been, please bear in mind we are just like you Guys and not some slick promotional team that does this for a living but we are learning all the time and already have plans to make RIII an even more exciting event for all.

I have said all the above so l can now explain some of the problems we encountered over the weekend and give you all some apologies !

First up is the Trade stands or lack of them !, some 70% of our traders that had paid to be there did not turn up for whatever reason and next year they will be out on the Show ground with you Guys as we got the location wrong this year, and instead we will turn that edge of the pits into a Rocket car garage, and l am sure that all of you there would have enjoyed the side by side Rocket race which will be run again next year ONLY at Rotorstock.

( BTW Honda have already asked for a trade stand next year and we will also be trying to get Mitsubusu to attend in 2006 as they said although they cancelled at the last minuite this year they want to come next year)

And lastly the Drift Championship next year will be relocated actually into the pit area with full commentary which will condense the meeting so people don't have to walk so far and make it much more exciting, O yes and there will ONLY be Jap cars on the strip in 2006.

Once again many thanks to all who came along and l now welcome you feed back and comments about the meeting so we can make you all feel even more at home at RIII, but please remember that if this meeting was not quite slick as you would have liked, that this meeting is run by Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts just like you just to try and give our car community a good time and take the Jap car scene one step higher, and that one step higher means Racing as well as Showing !.

I hope that we will see you at RIII as a club for what should be an even better event than this years with what we already have planned when the meet will feel much more like a multi event car Festival than has ever been seen before at a Jap only event.

For pictures of the event etc please go to

Cheers Guys.

Kind REgards
Clive, President of
[email protected]
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