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Hi everybody.

I've been checking what to do with my Lancer :naughty:

I live in México, so I know that I don't have all the options like someone in the UK but as far as I can tell my car is prewired for some options that I can't get from my :mitsi: dealer (because they don't have a clue about .... well about anything, it was too hard for them to install the fog lamps when i bought the car back in 2009).


For the record, we don't have some options because they are not required to drive a car in México due to the diferences of our weather conditions, I'm talking about the ASC, rear fog light, headlamp levelers, afs, etc,etc,etc. Fortunately I got a full set of air-bags(7), ABS/EBD, a good audio system (prewired for an amplificator), after some time my fog lamps, etc


So here is my fisrt question:

How are your DRL's wired? I supouse that some of you just asked yourselfs why I'm asking that...well I know that oem projectors with HID use a different arangement of harnesses an fuses in the fusebox on my engine bay, so I checed mine and find 2diferent sets of fuse connectors (10Afor regular halogen bulbs and 20A(unused) for HID's) but I found a fuse connector and a relay connector for DRL's... with no fuse or relay on them but my car has DRL's. They turn on when I release the handbrake after the engine starts and turn off when I tur off the car, when I turn on my headlamps they became brighter and they are independant from the high beams, I'll be glad to hear some answers from all of you to know if those DRL connectors are used in your cars if you have regular headlamps or HID projectors or maybe those are for something else.


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