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can any help me out

im trying to fit a hks ssqv blow off valve to my evo 6

does anyone have any instuctions or can anyone tell me what to do

i had it fitted on my old type r scoob

i kno where to pipes go on but im not sure if i have to block 1 of the pipes coming off the air intake

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Yes you have to bung the return pipe that goes to the intake just the the left of the battery and fit the dump valve on the pipe near the throttle body... take the vac line from where the old one was..

see here

Easy instructions coming up:

1. Locate existing dump valve (big black cylindrical thing at the front of the engine bay next to the battery).

2. Remove all pipework attached to the dump valve (there are 3 pipes in total, 1 really thin little one that heads towards the side of the rocker cover, 1 big one that heads back towards the intake pipe and loops below the inlet pipework and 1 short one that attaches the dump valve to the other intake pipe)

3. The pipe from the dump valve that goes underneath the intake pipe near to the filter should be followed to where it meets with the intake pipework near to the throttle body. Remove the jubilee clip and the pipe will come off.

4. The little thin pipe that connected to the end of the dump valve can also be removed from the metal pipe that it connects to. You then follow the little metal pipe backwards and you will see that another little rubber pipe joins to it and heads towards the intake manifold (big silver thing). Remove the rubber pipe from where it connects to the metal pipe and from where it connects to the intake manifold.

5. You should have a metal blanking plug supplied with your HKS valve. This fits into the pipe that you have removed the dump valve from (the one nearest to the front of the engine bay). PLug it in and retighten the jubilee clip.

6. Your dump valve actually fits onto the big pipe that is next to the throttle body. It should fit on no problems and the mounting bracket should be screwed into the appropriate holes.

7. The little plastic pipe that is supplied with the HKS kit (the one with the little round filter in it) should then be attached to the end of the dump valve and the other end should be attached to the spare nozzle on the inlet manifold that you removed the pipe from in step 4.

Overall, the whole job should take no more than about 10-15minutes and all you need is a screwdriver.
The above are AndyF_RSX instuctions

Pic on thread is on an early evo but principle is the same

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