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How to clean lash adjusters/tappets

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Hope this is of help to someone, a cure for lash adjuster 'rattle'. Thanks to Evo 400 and Mark Shead for advice and to Shaunevo for doing it (with a little help from me ;))

And before somebody says why bother :rolleyes:

i. The noise is bloody annoying
ii. It will eventually cause camshaft wear

You'll need a 2mm drill bit to stick down the end of the lash adjusters and some paraffin to clean them in. Before replacing the lashers, I would recommend doing a final clean in fresh oil, otherwise they will rattle like **** for a few minutes when you put them back in :eek:

Took us about 2 hours in total, but half of that was cleaning the darn things, to make sure we got all the shite out.

I promise that anyone should be able to do this, preferably with someone to lend a hand :)
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crcain01 said:
do I have the skills to clean my tappets? :confused:
Yes, it's easy, anyone can do it, but it's easier if someone pushes down on the springs while you remove the lashers :)

What tools and materials do I need? Prybar, socket wrench, drill bit, screwdrivers. Anything else?
The above should do, in fact you shouldn't even need a screwdriver ;)

If I can't find paraffin, what can I use as a replacement?
You should be able to get this in Halfords, it's basically kerosene (as used in aircraft engines and domestic heaters amongst other things and sold by dodgy people for use in diesel cars, which will shag the engine eventually :eek: ), if not use petrol or another suitable solvent.

Homerdog mentioned doing a "final clean in fresh oil". Does this mean engine oil? Does this mean just dipping the lash adjuster in the oil or cleaning the inside too with the engine oil?
Just operate the adjuster (push it in and out with your thumb) in a small bath of fresh engine oil for a minute or so, otherwise they will rattle like **** when you put them back in, although they may well rattle for a few minutes anyway. Good luck :D
N.Ring said:
I cant believe you guys are willing to do such a time consuming operation just to get rid of some ticking sounds while the engine is cold! That you guys have time for something this meaningless. Unbelievable.

You need help! Is Homerdog maybe just pulling your legs??

This is the climax of car polishing disease!

:rucrazy: :rucrazy: :rucrazy:
Well, I did cover this in the start of the thread, because I was sure some idiot would make a stupid comment - and I actually had you in mind. Thanks for not disappointing me :rolleyes:
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