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Hope this is of help to someone, a cure for lash adjuster 'rattle'. Thanks to Evo 400 and Mark Shead for advice and to Shaunevo for doing it (with a little help from me ;))

And before somebody says why bother :rolleyes:

i. The noise is bloody annoying
ii. It will eventually cause camshaft wear

You'll need a 2mm drill bit to stick down the end of the lash adjusters and some paraffin to clean them in. Before replacing the lashers, I would recommend doing a final clean in fresh oil, otherwise they will rattle like **** for a few minutes when you put them back in :eek:

Took us about 2 hours in total, but half of that was cleaning the darn things, to make sure we got all the shite out.

I promise that anyone should be able to do this, preferably with someone to lend a hand :)
1 - 20 of 213 Posts
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