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Hi to you all. Hope you all are in Great Condition.
I am one of many proud EVO owners all around the world, and looking for anyone who cares to share his/her Evo knowledge with me :)
My Evo 4 has the following performance setup:
- HKS Blow Off Valve
- HKS Intercooler Kits (with alumunium pipes)
- HKS Induction kits (green mushroom and alumunium pipes)
- Fujitsubo full exhaust system (3 inch Downpipe,midpipe,and muffler with 4 inch tip)
- Apex'i S AVC (first edition), set to 1.0 kgm
- Apex'i Rev/speed meter (first edition)
now my questions are:
- how many BHP do I get with this kind of performance setup?
- what is the maximum limit of boost can I get with this setup?
- and how many BHP will I get with the maximum boost on this setup?

Thank's Guys :)

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how did you guess that moses ;)

dark evo
i think u will probably be getting around 300bhp if not a little bit less. you are running around standard boost which is 1 bar roughly. you can probably run up to 1.2kg of boost and that should give you around the 320bhp mark.


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hahaha sam how r u mate the reason i said that was coz he has more stuff done than me and also my boost is messed up and im getting 300bhp less 8 so still not bad lol :D

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Thanks guys!

I have another questions, they are about oils.
What is the specification and brand of engine oil that is perfect for evo's engine?
Is Shell Ultra 5W-40 good for the engine?
What other oils are in the EVO that need to be changed regularly? on every how many kilometers?
What are the best brands and specifications for each of those oils?
Is redline transmission oil good enough for the EVO?
What is the best brand and specification oil filter for the EVO?

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Shell Helix Ultra is actually 5W-30, its what i run in mine and it certainly seems to do the buisness o.k. :)

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