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How Leonard tried to inherit an Evo in around an hour!!!!

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After having nearly 2 months off from going to the gym and running, after my car accident, Leonard suggested that I went for a run with him at lunchtime. Good idea I thought even though I was a bit tired after having been at work for the last 24 hours, with only 3 hours sleep :cry: :( He said it would be a nice easy one, WHAT A LIAR :mad: :eek: The first 40 minutes was all uphill and even coming down the hill was hard :(

Now I can see that the only reason that he must have suggested this was to try and kill me off and inherit my Evo, Fiesta and my house :cry:

However, luckily for me, and unluckily for you Leonard I have now recovered :jump

So nice try Leonard but your evil plan didn't work :mhihi:

Bex :angel:
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Leonard said:
What the **** is going on here! :mad:

Turn your back for 5 minutes to put some knickers on and this is what happens :crackup: Well I've learnt my lesson :D
I heard it was a pink thong :crackup:

Got any pics of yourself mate :eek: :D
Bex said:
I believe there could possibly be a video :eek:

And Phil I think you may have heard right, it was a pink thong :D

Bex :angel:
ROLF Leonard and a pink thong :crackup: :crackup:

How much is the video?

I'm not :gay: I just wondered how much they were going for these days :crackup:

Or is there any sample vids.............................shssssss, for my erm missus that is :confused: :p :D
Bex said:
The video is yet to be released :D But will possibly be going on to e-bay when it is!!! If it doesn't reach the reserve then I will see if I can get it put in the Video Gallery :crackup:

Bex :angel:
:crackup: :crackup:

don't worry, I will beat the reserve price :eek:
:D Thanks ;)
Bex said:
No Duran made the implication that they were mine, but I don't do pink knickers so they can't be mine ;) :D

Bex :angel:
I hope you don't wear yellow 'Y' fronts with dark blue piping :p

Is that really Leonard.................ROLF how :gay:

mind you, I bet my missus would like to get her hands on your hairy chest :eek:

and wax the thing :moon:
Bex said:
A lady never tells :blush:

Bex :angel:

And no jokes about me telling cos I'm not a lady, before you start xlr-8 ;) :D
Who ever told you, you was a lady :p ;)

:eek: :angel:
Bex said:
Yeah your right Phil, I am not a lady, the whole :angel: thing is just to lul men into a false sense of security :D

I start of like an angel and then turn into a bit of a cheeky devil ;) :D :p

Bex :angel:
See, I can see straight through WOMEN ;)

I know the devils from the angles, I should know I married a bloomin devil :crackup:

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
Bex said:
Are but us devils are the best, quiet to start off with and then.........


Bex :angel:
Never a true'er word said :D

Grrrrrrrrrrr :p
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