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Had a new exhaust put out on which im now starting to regret.
They got rid of the CAT and put a silencer in its place, they then put the lambard sensor on the pipe coming from the silencer face down towards the road. When I went to put the car in my garage it grounded on the sensor bending the sensor housing back.
The question is will this have broken it or is the fragile bit inside the exhaust. The car is lowered but people who put it on dont have much first hand experince of these cars as they orginally secured the exhaust so that a bracket was pushed against the propshaft, DOh.
Ive not driven it since i bent it and no light has come on the dash, the wires seem OK but the metal shroud has been damaged. How do I tell if its not working properly, any tell tale signs. The down pipe was replaced as well but tell you the truth I could feel no difference from when the system was just CAT back. Could they had knackered it when they transfered it across.
How much will a new one cost, are the specific to the car or are they all the same for mitshubishi.
Sorry for so many questions but dont you sometimes just wish you left things alone.

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Slightly confused about what sensor you are talking about but I will see if I can help.
Where exactly is the sensor? If the sensor used to be connected near to the CAT then it is almost definity not the lambda sensor but the CAT high temperature sensor (it was removed from the Evo V onwards due to safety regulations). If you have removed the CAT then there is no need for it. I am not sure exactly what it was used for but it was probably just to indicated whether the CAT was over temperature and show a warning (anyone know for sure?) and it won't effect performance. The lambda sensor should be in the exhaust manifold or very near to it.

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I think your right as the dash as the over heating symbol on the dash board and their are no other wires leading to the CAT. Wont worry then unless it comes off all together.
Thanks for your help
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