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Hi.........I'm new to this forum.........Just got my EVO6 TM edition last month (done 8000KM).

Just what to know the correct procedure for changing and bleeding the AYC fluid (my manual is in Japanese!)

Thanks in advance!

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as far as i know it is not possable to bleed the AYC your self as it requires the mut II test equipment to activate the pump to allow you to bleed it .
take it to reconised ralliart service centre or to a high performance car specilist that works with evos.

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You can bleed most of the AYC fluid manually. The problem is there is a fluid reservoir that needs the MUT-II to pump it out (you can see it behind the bottom right corner of the rear bumper). However, a number of rally prep garages I have spoken to claim that if you change the fluid regularly it is not necessary to completely bleed the system, just drain what you can out.

It's up to you of you course!


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How do you like the AYC and the fact that it keeps the car from sliding?

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Thanks people for the how often should I change the AYC fluid?

If the AYC light stays on what does it mean? THis only happens occassionally.......sometimes it goes out, but a few times it has stayed ON...........What's going on? Pls advice.

Claudius, I've had the EVO for less than one month and it's my first TURBO 4WD car, but I noticed the AYC helps the car turn-in very sharply - I wonder if all 4WD cars do that or whether it's the AYC? I still have not found the limit to the car yet since it's quite new and the AYC light stays on at times (quite worrying). Cheers!

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Be careful,
The hydraulic fluid in the reservoir in the boot is not the AYC fluid ! This is ATF fluid that is part of
the hydraulic system that actuates the AYC. The only way you can check the AYC fluid level is by removing the appropriate plug in the diff housing.

There are 3 oils associated with the AYC diff, the 75W-90 diff oil that lubes the ring and pinion gears,
the AYC fluid ( Special Mitsubishi recipe : use only Genuine Mits product) that lubes the diff clutches in the torque transfer mechanism, and the ATF fluid ( Dexron II )
that is used in the hydraulic system that provides actuation of the AYC action.
The diff has 3 compartments and all are sealed from each other.

If you intend changing this yourself, get yourself a set of technical manuals from Coordsport, they will pay for themselves on the first service.

To bleed the hydraulic fluid, you will need the MUT II. However, in the service procedure in the manual there is no mention of bleeding this item every time you change the AYC fluid. This only needs to be done when the hydraulic sytem has had air introduced into it by other servicing requirements eg like a diff overall.

Having said all that a Mits dealer will recommend that you bleed the hydraulics anyway at 4500 miles along with the AYC fluid change, this all stems from AYC problems with early vehicles.
The e5 manual states that the AYC fluid need only be changed every 40,000 km ( 24,000 miles), the more frequent
changing again stems from the early AYC problems.

I change my own AYC fluid on my e6gsr, only every 10,000 miles. The fluid is darkened slightly and very few particles have collected on the magnetic drain plug, so I deem this as being an acceptable service period.
My diff has covered nearly 51,000 miles, the AYC hydraulics have not been bled once and the diff still runs smooth and quietly ( for now !
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