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Hose sizes???

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Does anyone know the diameter of the piece of hosing (only a couple of cm's long) that connects the IC to the inlet plenium?

Alternatively does anyone know if a complete piece of hose inc the 90deg bend is avail.

I want to replace it with some silicon (blu samco if poss) anyone know a place who could cut me sum as i can't see any kits with this hose inc.

Also after the measument of the hose from the turbo to the MAF as want one made up in silicon.

PS. Not being lazy and can measure mine but wanted to save time in removing just to put bck on again :D
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Nice one m8 :smthumbup
bttt incase anyone has sum for sale and save me the hassle of ordering?
Massive :smthumbup m8 for that, i'll give the sites a look :D
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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