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Calling the horse race. . .

THEY'RE OFF Conscience is left at the post.
Silk Panties and Jockey Shorts are off with a rush. Bare Belly is beginning to show.
Heavy Bosom with Clean Sheets at the back. Douche Bag is completely lost.

AT THE RAIL It's Bare Belly on top. Thighs open up a hole and Big D!ck is going in.
Heavy Bosom is hard pressed. Passionate Lady is coming strong and Conscience is completely lost.

AT THE TURN It's Cherry between Big D!ck and Passionate Lady.
Thighs working hard and Bare Belly is under terrific pressure.

AT THE STRETCH Cherry cracks under the strain as Big D!ck goes in for the kill.
Passionate Lady is doing her best and Bare Belly is close up.
Big D!ck passed Thighs by a full length and Passionate Lady is almost overcome.

AT THE FINISH Big D!ck rushes in, but Passionate Lady takes all he has and it's a dead heat.
Heavy Bosom folds, Bare Belly is all lathered up at the finish.
Thighs pull up and Clean Sheets never had a chance while Conscience wasn't even in the race from the start.
Big D!ck unexpectedly gives a quick spurt and Passionate Lady kept coming.
Douche Bag came in last to clean up the track.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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