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I have had my motor now for a while ,noting comes close to want to chop it in and get another car apart from an E5 which I will get soon.
I have read many reports on the opposition to the Evo ,many **** a brick when the Evo is around as they know it will trounce them given the motive.
I have set my self an alegence with my car to .
1/ fk all over those that want to have ago,so far so good above 140MPh never been had.
2/ intimidate any one going less than 50 mph through most areas secured with a 30 mph sign.[schools are exception]
3/ goad the plod where possible as they love a chase.
4/ tail gate ,I enjoy this especially at 120mph chasing an AUDI 3/4/t.and the nice looking gay boy TT.
5/Take round abouts especially tight uns at high speed.
6 / frighten the hell out of right of way at traffic lights as they think you cannot stop just on the white stop line.
7/ churn the stomach of all passenger when they say its not really that fast IS IT?
8 / slaughter small animals
9/ Dropping the clutch fiercly at lights and Just adjusting the rear mirror on full throttle ,just to see wher every one is.
10/Making sure I blast the horn when passing the knob heads in the life style cars on an a road at 100,

All these top 10 have been achieved in the last 48 hours.

Ive got my van back now so I'll be carefull not to offend too many in the near future.

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Anyone that advocates doing more than 30mph in a 30mph zone needs his head read !

With a bit of luck you'll write off your car and yourself, without taking anyone else with you.

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As a self confessed maniac and 100% petrol head,
and having some of the hardest/nuttiest driving pals
you could imagine; when we hit a 30 zone, we *all* slow
down to 30, it is simply the done thing.

If you want to drive like a spaz, come on one of my early morning
breakfast runs (there is one this weekend);only life you'll risk is
yours !

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Yellow 5.

Thats not fair taking the p!ss out some one with a club foot with a caliper up to the knee and re-inforced hip joints.
Glad its not me then ,must be talking about some one else.:D
Gwadd ,

I don't advocate others doing 50 through a 30,why buy a radar detector other wise.
Built up areas are adheared to the speed limit,but the nice open village speed limits are what the detector is for.However I do most of my fast driving late at night which is a little more fun,and no traffic apart from a couple of p!ssed drivers.

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I have heard many references to late night driving on various threads - how many Evo owners go out late at night with no particular place to go just so they can use their chariot as much as possible? I find myself driving straight past my house because I'm having too much fun to go home.:D :D :D

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Quality post. Makes Fri even more fun.


You would really hate me. I mean really, really hate me.

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Finished nightshift early the other morning.

Drove home at 4:30am, OAT about 3 deg.

Roads super slippery, just how I like it, my mate followed in his MX5.

Slow on the straights, sideways round every bend and rounderbout.

Got to junction near home, mate pulled along side, said he couldn't stop grinning at my sideways action and huge flames coming out the Exhaust.

This is what owning an Evo is all about, bloody superb.

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I like it all except number 8. Personally I prefer animals to people. I always have this overwhelming urge to hit people for some reason - especially those ####ers in them TT's.

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LOL at Clive :)

Im a fellow nightshift worker and finish at 6am.

Its the best time to go for a blast. Just watch out for those milkmen ;)

Everyone needs to go for a blast once in a while. Just not at 9am by a primary school. :(

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Primary schools are dangerous for one reason, and it's not speeding Evo's.

It's women in 4x4's who can't park or drive! :)

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Have nothing against these antics, but this sort of behaviour is best kept for the track - only because one day plod will catch up with you.

The best part of EVO ownership is driving it - if they took yer license away, it would be all over. And I am sure that these antics would involve 2 times the speed limit, so instant ban.

Having said that, we would probably all be in court together given my lead right foot :D :(
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