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Having been to Stratford for the weekend Friday to Sunday (on an Insurance Seminar) I was only able to drive the car on Sunday so......

Stratford to Stoke via Bromsgrove Shrewsbury etc.- stop for lunch and then home.

I did over 250 miles all none motorway - FANTASTIC - not sure the girlfriend will agree - LOL
Didnt see one other Evo! Showed an M3 who's the daddy though.

The car gets loads of admiring glances - peolple seem to respect your choice of car. Also other drivers seem to move out of your way, even if you are not going to overtake them (and no I dont drive on there bumper - 2 second rule).

On the way back from my girlfriends (at night) I got what I'd been waiting for - some nice yellow flashes from the exhaust - the only thing is I cant replicate the senario when it happens (sad I know).


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Hmmm... I'm no expert ;), but try changing up just before the limiter kicks (around 7k|PLS|rpm), the ECU should overfuel (and retard) enough on the overrun to get fuel burning all the way down the pipe.

This is not from experience, I still have the OEM 'zorst :(

Cat's, resonator sections and (restrictive) backboxes are (apparently) the main stopping points for flames. From memory you have a de-cat, dunno how straight the rest is though.

No doubt someone else on here can provide more reliable (read: factual) info, but that's what I'd gathered on getting it to flame on command :D

Oh, and flames from the pipe mean flames through the turbo, so don't expect the turbo to last as long as it might have otherwise (although the percentage decrease in life-expectancy is a matter of debate)... :(


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I haven't tried the above as I don't normally rev above 6500 rpm (no point).

If you find ouself a nice bit of motorway and acceleerate ard in 4th or fit up to about 5500 or above and ten brake heavily you can get flames.

If anyone has any better suggestions I would be glad to hear them becasue noting beats the satisfaction of flyng past a cossie and spitting a flame.


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