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Highlight of my holiday!

Meeting Claudius and Maxi was great fun and the drive in the hills was so much fun that even my girlfriend managed to cry in sheer terror at the single lane road with on coming cars and a nice sheer drop on one side that we were driving on at silly speeds (even though I was slow).

She somehow managed to get some photos though (although I had to delete lots of pics of my dash, the sky, floor etc :D) really worth look.

And I got a few nice shots of Maxi doing a donut!

When Claudius claims that he is slow he is simply lying, ignore him, he was flying around corners spiting flames out the back of his car :D
When Maxi claims that he is sane, ignore him, he is barking, he was flying around corners spiting other cars out the back of his car border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Special thanks to both Maxi and Claudius for being so hospitable, especially Claudius who went out of his way to be nice, even insisted on cleaning my car for me :) and got up before 12pm (;)) to take me to his mechanic to get a short shift sorted out for only £100 (really makes the car feel so much better :D).

Happy Ryan

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Good to hear you enjoyed your stay in Monaco! :) It´was very nice meeting you and Jo and to see a GSR with automatically folding mirrors ;) Dont lie to your English friends, you have been in the car with me going down from St. Agnes to Menton (10 miles approx), you know it took so much time we could have watched a movie if only I had a DVD screen in my Jap crap car :D

I hope you agree the Öhlins and the semislicks were good and maybe you should tell your friends that my brakes are OK as well (see brakes thread). Again sorry for the low boost and endless waiting for the next curve, but when your car is slow, there's not much you can do once you've reached the limits. My friend Cesar (the rallye team owner and former European GrN champion) whom you unfortunately have not met thinks the Evo is fast, but that is compared to other cars, not absolutely.

It's really good to hear that you like the short shift, remember that they can make it even shorter, but you would probably reach the limits of the gearbox (crack! crrrhhhh...) :D

Take care my friend


PS: the pics of our Evos in front of the Casino dont look as corny as I would have thought! ;)

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Yup your tyres and brakes were impressive.

How did your drive in the GrpN car go? was it fun?

I really liked the photos in front of the Casino, looks classy :)
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