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Now I'm back from my hols and have time to catch up in work and stuff I just thought I'd write a little about some experiences I had.

Firstly Germany!

I must say that the Autobahn was an interesting experience, I drove through Germany in 2 days, lots of traffic and Very bad weather, the Germans however don't seem to care about bad visibility. 500m visibility in the dark and I still regally saw BMW's, Merc's and Audi's doing well over a ton, god would know what would have happened if someone had pulled out, judging on normal day time driving the guys in the slow lane already know that they are taking their lives into their own hands if they simply decide to pull into the fast lane to overtake someone, a car moving from 50 mph into the fast lane with cars doing well over 130mph is going to have a very nasty shock.

Anyway I managed to red line my car 5th and got an impressive 155mph, I think given a little less head wind and a down hill stretch I could have gone a little bit faster :D Half the problem was finding a stretch of road that was empty enough and straight enough to see traffic of the elderly driver variety that might decide for no real reason to swerve violently into the fast lane for no reason.

The other fun part of Germany was one of the first towns we passed through, I was very happy to stop in the town of [email protected] for a quick photo :)


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I think that wazzuptommi must be german then..:D

my car also hit 155 on the line in 5th...long live the standard GSR

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Working in Germany at the moment I have to agree - Autobahn is a **** scary place.

They drive like ***king morons- played chicken last weekend with an Audi Avant driven by a middle aged woman.

Nose to tail queue of 12 cars waiting for 2 trucks to finish duelling - woman at the back decides to undertake the whole queue and pull in at the front - I tried to shut the door but she didn't give a **** - parallel parking at 75mph with 6 inch gap front and rear!!! Then has to pull over as everyone else is faster than her! On the race track that's fine but .....

They do it all the time.

Last year - midnight, rain pouring so bad you could hardly see the road under inch and a half of standing water, wipers on full and hardly clearing the screen at 45mph and we were passed by a Merc doing way over the ton. Must have been a professional speedboat driver.

Always massive jams cos some **** has effed it all up. 8hours last summer on one 200 mile journey. Autotrader is full of cars that have swiped a chunk of armco.

It is a ridiculous system - I think it's days are numbered.

Modern cars make lots of dumb people feel invincible - they have no concept of speed and energy.

rant over!
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