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I have a HKS supper dragger cat back exhaust sat in my garage at the moment waiting to go on the car once i get a paint claim completed with ccc .

as you all probably know the supper dragger is mild steel apart from the back box , the exhaust is second hand but was only on the other car for a month , and i am reliably informed by justin (yellow 5)that it was not even used in the wet ?

it is in as new condition at the moment but was wondering if it is worth me giving it a coat of high temp paint to protect it before it goes under the car , as hks paint does not look to hardy .#

any one got any recomendations for what paint would be sutable (temp range )


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normally mild steel pipes corrode faster from the inside due to products of combustion being pretty corrosive (water |PLS| sulphur oxides |EQU| acid)so i doubt you'll achieve much by painting the pipe. although evo's run so rich that the inside will get covered with a nice film of soot that may provide some protection. Even Mild steel pipes are normally hardened to stop corrosion.

Look on the bright side, you'll probably want a noisier/quieter/different pipe in 2 years anyway!
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