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I am not sure whether 2 go 4 a HKS Super Drager or an Invo Titanium Exhaust or any1 got another type of exhaust, cos I am looking 4 exhaust noise and amp; looks!
What r the differences in power and sound between the various exhausts.
The differences I know r the Price! 2500 notes for a Titanium system and 1000 notes for the HKS System from Front pipe and amp; Extension to the Tip.

I am currently got a HKS Racing Suction Kit and a HKS SSQV.

In 2 weeks time I am getting a HKS EVC fitted with a boost button, with HKS Forged Pistons,Gaskets,Conrods,Bolts and a Camshaft in various degrees. And also mayb the HKS exhaust depends what u guys have experienced?

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Material wise the Titanium wins because it will only weigh about 4-5 kilo's.
Go 4 the exhaust with the straightest routing , the HKS systems (mostly mild steel BTW) follows the same route as the standard system so is more restrictive.

My next system will b 90mm bore titanium and straight thru with only a rear muffler , so if any1 wants my custom modified PE/Blitz hybrid system speak up ;)

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I could be interested in the Blitz/PE hybrid but am more interested in this 90mm titanium jobbie.
What is the cost? or is that another secret.

I thought only the Japs had the eqiupment big enough to mandrel bend these.


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Will advise shortly on how much and when 4 my PE/Blitz.

I am working on the costing and time scale 4 the 90 mm Ti system , will keep u posted :)
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