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I have the Blitz dsbc fitted to my car and it seems to be slightly more flexiable than the other boost controllers as you can have 4 settings.

I assume you got it with out the pigeon english instructions and amp; settings.
The controller like all boost cotrollers can be set up on the road, or a set of rollers if you are using the road make sure it is a long straight bit which enables you to get to high revs in 5th.

Basically you set a target for you maximun boost and set that up as max and then get it to cut out at that limit. Mine is set to 1.45 bar. (Mine is a uprated engine and so internals are stronger than normal) Use car loads of extra power can be gained but if you ECU is not uprated you will fuel cut and stress the engine big time.

To set up just up the boost until you reach close to the cut off mark. then set up 4 points upto the maximun which should be set to 4.


My settings are 1|EQU|10 2|EQU|20 3|EQU|30 4|EQU|45

This is for my engine only. It has a ralliart ecu so fuelling at high levels is fine.
Finally warning be careful when playing if it a`nit broke don't fix it.

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Hi Jon

I think you may have mistaken my post. All I have fitted is the Blitz Boost controller.
All it does is controls the boost.

It does not alter the amount of fuel going into the engine, Thats what the Apexi AFC does.
So there are no ratio and gain to set Sorry.


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You mentioned that your engine internals are upgraded and therefore are stronger. What sort of upgrading you have done and what aftermarket internals you have used for your upgrading? Would like to share your views on this. Thank you.

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Hi Dennis

My engine is in bits at the mo. But final spec will be forged con rods/pistons. HKS cams.
Steel crank. Group A con rod bolts.

Crank, pistons, Rods came from Dragon Autosport. (Made in the States)
Minumun you should do when upping boost is rod bolts (1.4 bar |PLS|). Engine can stay in car and you just swap them over.
Obviously you should change oil at the same time. well the engine oil sump is off so why not..

This engine will be all steel and be almost bullet proof
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