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I'm going to buy the HKS racing suction kit and Graham Goode reccommend to fit the HKS iridum
spark plugs with it.

Many people recommend to use only the original NGK spark plugs,as the orange sticker placed on the engine.

RALLIART supply different NGK intended for gr.n use,or gold palladium and platinum NGK,at the cost of 21GBP each.

As a wrong spark plug is not safe at all for the engine reliability,I don't really know If I should fit the
HKS plugs or not.
Another thing is that HKS has 3 different heat ranges,corresponding to NGK 7,8 and 9 but the spark plugs type
is not specific to each car.

Does anyone has the HKS iridum spark plugs fitted on his EVO V/VI?

Does anyone has the HKS racing suction kit fitted?

Any suggestion/idea/impression will be appreciated...

Thank you all for your help!!!

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9 is the heat range for group a or modded cars
go to your local motocross shop or ngk dealer much cheaper £11
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