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Hi all,

I Have a forged 2 liters with a GTII turbo running @1.7b. My Motec is an Ecu and I can log inlet air temps (I have a sensor on the inlet piping 15cm before throttle valve).

Despites an ETS intercooler, an ETS piping, a coated manifold and a carbone fiber air intake box, my inlet temps are too high. I Think that the power decrease gradually on track.

With a 20°C exterior temp, my inlet reach 47°C and doesn't decrease much when I lift throttle...

With a 10°C ext temp (wet), my inlet air temp reach 32/34°C. My friends ones doesn't exceed 25°C the same day in the same conditions.

Is someone else monitoring inlet air temperatures with the same turbo? I suspect turbo efficiency but what should be other things to check to reduce overheating?
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