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Hi all,

I am trying to order an HKS BOV kit for my EVO VII and no one seems to carry it yet. Has anyone installed on yet? and if so, how?

I am very tempted in getting the kit for the EVO VI and just trying to modify it so it will fit.

Any ideas, thoughts?

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Ah!, I had this fitted about 2 months ago - I hated the noise, but that aside the idling was very erratic (a further mod need to be done to the air sensor flap). But to use it on an EVO 7, you need to have it specially welded on a new aluminium pipe, I think quite a lot of tuners do it.

But having said that, the tuning company I used,quite correctly (in my opinion) ripped all of this out, are refitted what was there before.

But I know that there are quite a lot on the board that like the sound of the HKS BOV - I don't.

Hope that helps

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I have just received the HKS price list for the Evo 7, it does not include an SQV as yet.

These are the parts currently available for the 7 with retail prices (you have to add VAT) :

Various camshafts 256/264/272 ; inlet/exhaust £265
Adj cam pulley £125
Valve spring kit £155
Head Gasket (1 or 1.2) £175
Forged piston kit £895
Clutch/Flywheel £1250
Super Drager £465
Hiper £485 (ti tip)
Stainless downpipe £315
Stainless exhaust manifold £995
Super filter £28.50
Super power flow (induction kit) £155
Racing Suction kit £285
Intercooler piping kit £tba
Plugs £14.50


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Ah, but Yellow5, the HKS BOV- gets modified, by a special weld - I know others have done it on the board, so this is most likely to be a BOV for the 6, specially welded. For the record it was sas that did the mod (unsucessfully for me though)

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Thanks for the help guys. Yellow5 has comfired what I have been hearing everywhere else. The SQV is still not out for the 7. I really dont want to go the welding route as I try to keep things under the hood as neat as possible.

I did find a unit the SARD makes R2D2 its available for the 7. I might end up going with this unit.

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Personally, I wouldnt bother welding anything :cool:

HKS are SO quick at producing parts for new models there is bound to
be a dedicated Evo7 SQV kit within weeks.

ps, not really a fan of atmo dump valves on cars with MAF sensors,
I fitted one to a red TME last week, was so impressed with it, went
and fitted one to mine within a wicked sound !!!!
You can see peoples heads turning from over 100 metres away border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

No flames yet 8-(
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