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This is Chris's evo who used to work for us and helping him sell his car so here it is.

Evo 7 rs in white with aircon option (been deleted ) and mechanical centre diff

Imported and sold by DYC

Undersealed from first import

Y reg 2001

32000 miles ( around half in km )

11 months MOT

5 months tax

price £34995

Spec list below

Bottom end

*APT built 2.3L stoker engine
*Mitsubishi 4g64 crank
*Crower rods
*Wiseco HD pistons
*ARP head studs
*ARP main studs
*Balance shaft delete kit
*25 row oil cooler mounted in original location on custom brackets with -10 aeroquip lines and aeroquip fittings
*Remote filter head with bigger filter than standard with -10 aeroquip lines and aeroquip fittings
*APT dry sump kit with tank mounted in boot all aeroquip lines run under the car are in aeroquip metal hose with aeroquip fittings and any hoses in the car are in light weight aeroquip hose with black aeroquip fittings
*Catch tank with two -10 breathers from oil tank to catch tank and -12 vent hose from catch tank to under the car, all hoses in aeroquip light weight hose with black fittings
*New gates kevlar aux belt
*New gates cambelt
*New dry sump belt
*New Millers nano drive oil


*Refreshed head
*Jun 272 cams
*Hks cam gears
*Brian crower springs and retainers
*Early rocker cover in crackle black with two -10 aeroquip breathers welded on
*Neverman catch tank with light weight aeroquip hose and black fittings in engine bay

Engine control

*Blitz boost controller with perrin control solenoid
*Motec m800 oe board with knock control board, launch, logging, flat shift, drive by wire,
(all features unlocked),10 position knob for launch control, oil pressure cut off, oil pressure oil temp fuel level sensor inputs
*motec shift light to show warming lights for knock control and low oil pressure cut
*4 bar map sensor
*Spark tech CID ignition with Norris designs coil plate
*R32 golf electronic throttle body
*Golf gti electronic throttle pedal on custom bracket

Fuel system

*Two walbro pumps ( one in tank on out of tank ) feeding two -6 areoquip lines and fittings to a aeroquip tee going up to -8 aeroquip lines and fittings to the -8 areoquip fuel filter and -8 aeroquip lines and fittings feeding the fuel rail
*Ams fuel rail black
*Injector dynamics 1000cc injectors
*Areomotive adjustable fuel regulator
*-6 areoquip hose return line and fittings
*modified fuel return venturi
*Both fuel pumps hard wired through relays with fused feeds

Drive train

*Exedy triple hd clutch
*Refreshed rs gearbox with new synchros
*Neverman shifter cable bushes
*Neverman shifter cradle bushes
*Inspected and cleaned non ACD transfer box with helical front differential fitted
*Modified rs rear differential with inspection and clean up and modified preload
*Ams light weight moustache bar and solid wing bushes
*Braided clutch line
*Motul gear 300 gearbox and transfer box oil
*Motul limited slip diff oil in rear differential

Bolt on bits

*Ross sport gt 35 hta turbo kit with zircoated manifold and exhaust housing
*Black tial wastegate
*Custom 3'' v band down pipe
*Buddy club racing light weight true 3'' exhaust with two silencer boxes
*Simons 3'' silenced decat pipe
*Ralliart exhaust rubbers
*Jmf custom drag inlet manifold painted black
*Ross sport 3'' intercooler pipes
*Ross sport 4'' intake pipe
*Black tial dump valve
*Ams intercooler
*Mishimoto evo 6 radiator
*Mishimoto radiator cap
*Custom radiator vent pipe
*Ralliart coolant overflow tank
*Ralliart low temp thermostat
*Ralliart titanium pedals
*Evo 6 silicone top radiator hose and evo 7 silicone lower radiator hose all in black
*4'' inlet long k&n air filter
*Roll blox lower engine mount
*10 row power steering cooler with modified tank for the -6 aeroquip hose and -6 aeroquip fittings
*Air conditioning deleted


*Tein mono flex coilovers with 9kg front 9 kg rear springs
*Powerflex rear trailing arm bush
*Powerflex rear toe arm bush
*White line roll centre correction set on front
*White line rear anti roll bar
*Carbring front strut brace
*Alcon 343mm front brakes
*Alcon rear brakes
*Carbotech xp8 front pads
*Ds2500 rear pads
*Rota force drift wheels 9 * 18 (orange and green )
*255/40/18 yokahama advan ado8 tyres
*H section front bed under brace
*White line antiroll bar drop links


*Cobra seats
*Stroth harnesses
*Omp deep dish steering wheel
*Ralliart gear knob
*Safety devises bolt in cage
*Fia roll cage padding
*Stripped interior
*Red top 30 battery in battery box behind passenger with cut off switch in engine bay and battery cables run through the car
*Aim dash displaying air temp, Oil pressure, Oil temp. Water temp, Battery voltage, fuel level with low fuel, main beam, indicator, battery voltage, water temp, oil pressure warning lights and staged shift lights
*Custom dash panel for mounting Aim dash
*Custom dash panel with boost controller mounted in
*Carbon wrapped interior pieces
*Hornet cat 1 alarm with fitting certificate
*flocked steering wheel surround
*Satin black painted dash trims


*Delocked door handles
*Black accent pieces ( intercooler vent, door handles, spoiler blanks, mirrors )
*Carbon exhaust guard
*Ralliart stubby mirrors
*Custom carbon front splitter
*Black Fia tow straps front and rear
*De tangoed and blacked out headlights


Evo 7 wheels powder coated black with kuhmo co3 soft rally slicks
9*17 et 30 unknown wheels with yokahama world toring car slicks


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35k Jesus wow that's some car ;)

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Thanks tom dick.
Pictures were taken yesterday but didn't realise the camera had the date stamp set till I had taken the pictures so the date is just the cameras default setting after the battery being flat.
If anyone wants anymore details just pm me or email
[email protected]

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments,
I'm going to really miss this car when it's gone.

The car is having the wheels freshened up next week but if
Someones interested then a change of colour can always be discussed :)

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Nice looking car.

Is that fuel lines dropping through the floor just behind the drivers seat? If so, is it normal to have them inside the cabin of the car?

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What boost/power is this running?
Pretty much identical block and head spec to mine also running a 35.
gotta be 600+?
Mines [email protected] on std inlet manni.
this is a seriously cracking car!!
For anyone with the money wanting a totally sorted car should honestly look no further!
A right weapon all round with that whole spec.
glwts pal :smthumbup

could waste more trying to get near this spec :eek:
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Thanks Ross maybe I am just a little OCD when it comes to cars haha.
Thanks Will2 and tully-o
The car is going back on APT's dyno very soon for a map check for the new owner so will have a final power figure then but should be around 650bhp :smthumbup
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