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Hi, my name is Simon
Looking into moving onto owning an EVO, Currently Driving an R33 Skyline and before that a MKIV Supra. However children have got the best of me and and begining to get wary of only having a 3 door sports car hence why looking into owning an EVO, this way hopefully getting the thrill of driving a Fast Jap car but also having the luxury of not having to lean over seats to get kids out the back and with the safety side of it being 4wd and not to hairy in the wet!
Hopefully you guys wont mind me mingling in and asking a few questions here and there as i try to get better clued up on these cars and i will be posting a thread in the wanted section for anybody that is possibly looking for a change and would consider a part ex or straight swap for my Skyline, i will put some pics up in the thread and who knows it might take your fancy!

Thanks Simon
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