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ok for those of you who dont konw me the storey goes like this

I bought my evo 6 10 days ago and the problems just keep on comming.

1, I Think the clutch is slipping
2, when i change from 4th to 5th in high revs there is a slight crunching noise
3, The AYC light has come on what does this mean?
4, The ABS light has come on what does this mean?
5, strange sucktion noise when accelerating hard ?

I bought this car at a garage but they assured me the car was fine. ive been looking for 1 for 6 months and i know im a stupid t**t for rushing into this.But the damage has been done, can any of you guys out there give me some advice on the above problems ...Oh yes i live in Dubai...

advise please thanks

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Some of these are common problems with the E6 and predecessors :-

namely :- abs light coming on : if it goes away when u turn off the ignition and doesnt come back on when you restart then its the sensor playing up, mine does it occasionally, when wet.
Have a look at the sensor and carefully clean away any debris. If it is continually on, get it checked out.

Crunchy changes on evo boxes is also a common problem usually induced by the incorrect grade of oil. I use Castrol SMX 80W-90 , this works fine for my driving style, the shifts improved a lot.
However if your clutch is worn and slipping then this may be contributing to the poor shifts.

The stange suction noise when accelerating hard will be induction noise if you have an aftermarket induction type air filter such as the HKS, personally I like the noise :D

Your main worry is the AYC light. If the AYC fusible link and solenoid connection are still in place (
(if any of these are removed the light will come on) , then you may have a fault.
First, check the AYC fluid level in the diff is correct. ( This is not the dipper in the boot, that is the hydraulic ATF ) You will have to remove the filler plug in the diff to check this.

If the AYC light is on and you can hear loud squeaking/grinding noises coming from the rear when
cornering then You definitely have a fault.

If you have a service station nearby who you can trust this work to have them change the AYC fluid and bleed the hydraulic fluid and change the diff oil itself.
There are 3 types of fluid associated with the AYC diff and each has its own separate compartment.
The diff oil ( 75W-90 synthetic) that lubes the ring and pinion gears, the AYC fluid that lubes the torque transfer clutch pack and the hydraulic ATF oil that actuates the torque transfer mechanism.

-Good Luck
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