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Cannot believe it!

Drove in to work this morning - same as usual never miss a beat.

go to pop out for lunch - dead.

I went to the car, opened the bonnet, checked oil etc.. - just had 18K service at mitsubishi on Monday, close the bonnet open all the windows and sunroof while talking to my work mate go to start and WTF!!

Car turns and sort of fires but then instantly dies. Had clifford on the phone and went through checks and all seems ok. Had Mitsubishi on the phone - checked all fuses - fuel pump fizzes when primed and all seems ok then doesn't quite fire and stops instantly.

Recovery into Mitsubishi at 16:30 and not sure if a curteosy car available yet!

HELP! N e one have any other idea's?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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