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Will one of you guys have a go at this. I got this info from Installation guide for HKS EVC EZ:

INTERNAL WASTEGATE (SINGLE PORT ACTUATOR) INSTALLATION (I assume that my Evo 5 has an internal wastegate):

Port 1: Connect to an uninterrupted intake manifold pressure source after the throttle body such as a
compressor bypass signal line using the 4mm hose.

Port 2: Connect to a source of pressurized air such as a turbocharger compressor housing (discharge side) or compressor outlet pipe (before intercooler) using the 6mm hose.

Port 3: Connect to the port on the wastegate actuator.

I need one of you experts out there to decipher this info for me. Pointing me in the right direction would do me some good. Deeply appreciate any help on this matter.

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Easy guide as follows.....

Look down at your original turbo and you will see a 2 pipes coming off it with a T-piece on there and from the T-piece there is a pipe that runs up towards the battery tray area.

Remove the T-piece and tie the line that heads up to the battery out of the way. This is the line to the original boost control solenoid.

Remove the T-piece itself and have a look at where the two lines go to.
One will go to the wastegate actuator (shiny litte circular box) and the other will go towards the turbo itself

So on your EVC, port 3 connects to the line to the actuator, port 2 connects to the line to the turbo.

Port one needs to be t'eed into a line from the plenum chamber (big silver thing after the throttle body), possibly the line feeding your dump valve or another one.

Alternatively, take it to someone who knows how to fit these.

Hope this helps


P.S. Don't call me if you follow my instructions and it all goes pear shaped. These are correct to my knowledge but I accept no responsibility otherwise ;)

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Thanks Andy, I think I'll give it a go. I guess by saying pipe you mean hoses, or am I looking for pipes? Anyway, I'm gonna go outside right now to take a look. thanks again for your help.

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