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Help saught RE: Evo VI sump

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I've recently purchased an evo VI and 10 minutes after I paid the guy I found an oil leak. Further investigation has revealed a hairline crack in the sump. I would just like a little advice on how best to proceed.

Can they be repaired? or is a new sump my only option? If I need to replace it, does anyone have one lying around (long shot I know :) ) that they could sell me. If I need to buy a new one, where's the best/cheapest place to get it?

Lastly, I intend speaking to the relevant authorities but does anyone have a feel for whether or not I have any rights to take this up legally with the guy who shafted me with the car in the first place, I here that even private sales are covered now?

Thanks in advance

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Phone [email protected] mate 01260 291191, he changed mine on my old engine last year, cant really remember how much it was but it was not a lot. :)
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