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Does any1 live nearish(100 miles) Bournemouth area, with a Evo 6, cos I would like to hear what noise the various exhausts make. Especially the Blitz, cos I spoke 2 some1 about it and they said it comes witha removable muffler, so I would like 2 hear it with and without muffler. Any1 with a Titanium backbox on yet?


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Well I dont live anywhere near you, but I do have a Very nice sounding system on my car.. Its a 5 Zigen.. If u wonna here it phone me up, and I can let u listen (sorta) on the phone!!

Give me an email for my number if u wish..

[email protected] ( Only read emails before 5:30)

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Well I am travelling a fair bit in March so whereabouts do u live.I wouldn't mind if u could give me a blast! around in your car,so i can hear the sound properly.It would b most appreciated.I am gonna b in London 2nd March for a meet(Join us there if u want,there will loadsa a cool motors around. I am gonna b in the Leicester area on the 9th,10th and in Nottingham on the 16th and 17th, Cadwell park on the 22nd.What other mods have u got on your Evo.

ANY1 Else please list your mods on this post as I am intrested in what u other guys/gals have. Thanxs!

My Evo's(Silver) got a HKS Racing Suction Kit
HKS SSQV Blow off valve
Homemade air intake pipe
Red/Clear rear clusters
Clear side repeaters
Silver Vision bulbs all round
Blue Interor bulbs
De-baged rear
Silver Richbrook Tax disc holder
Poppy Coral(Not sure what colour to call it!)
Red Mudflaps

and by March 1st its gonna also have:HKS EVC and amp; EVC Boost button
HKS Forged Pistons
HKS Head Gasket
HKS Connecting Rod Kit and amp; Bolts
HKS Camshaft in various degrees
HKS Downpipe and amp; Extension
De-Cat pipe
Goodridge Braided Brake lines
Light Smoked tinted windows

The ICE is going in after Cadwell Park! cos I want to get the full benefit of my car without all the weight of the ICE!

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Haha.. Nice list of mods..

I live near Liverpool/Manchester way..

My mods are as follows..

HKS race suction kit
HKS SSQ BlowOff Valve
HKS De-cat
HKS Lowering Springs
5 Zigen Border 304 Max (track exhaust) hence why its so ferkin loud!!
BLiTz ID Boost Gauge (blue face) Neon Blue in dark
BLiTz ID Oil Temp Gauge (blue face) neon Blue in dark
A-pillar Mounting Pods (look like they come standard) from Justin, and are well nice..
Clear Side lenses etc..
Driving Lamps (not fogs)
Kenwood mask system and Kenwood speakers all round
Snooper s5 Radar Detector ( :) )

And as of next week (hopefully)

Upgrading all Engine and intercooler pipeing to crome pipes..
Cusco Strut's (on Order)
Getting a new metal single fin spoiler (cant remeber the make) Looks mean!!
Ralliart Zero Fighter stickers. For side of car.. ( they dont say Zerofighter on em) They just look good..
And in a few more months a RC stage 2 conversoin.. (but too expensive for me atm)

And thats it for now i think..

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If u go to

click on enter then click on Forum then on Events then dinner at macdonalds 2nd march details to get there.

I hope that helps!

Fast Car are gonna b there.
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