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Be very careful about 'something feels strange' type scenarios with such exotic kit. My mate had a similar hunch about his Evo IV about 12 months ago, but thought his car was just 'havin' a bad day' (and ignoring his instincts).

He carried on driving the car as usual, and 2 days later his front Diff siezed, and quickly destroyed his Rear Diff, followed by his drive shaft...

It's still in pieces now with a potential bill of £7,000 for the fitting of two new Diffs, and a Drive shaft |PLS| Labour |PLS| Margin etc... etc...

Be very careful, and my advice to you would be to run it in for a detailed 'check-up' with the evo doc as soon as possible.

The warranty company (not mentiobut needless to say it isn't Ralli-Art) will not cough up for the funds, so he is snookered at the moment, no car, no fun!

Hate to see you fall into the same trap.....

Good Luck Mate.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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