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Hi forum
Had my 6gsr for about a month now, it has done 18k, just recently fitted a s/s mongoose,hks induction kit and a new remapped power chip. It is showing 330 bhp on the r.road.
All seemed great for the first few days after the mods were done,great improvement in take off and grunt but have noticed an alarming trend in the last few days to rev in all gears with no traction to the wheels whilst accelerating i am suspecting clutch!It is getting worse.
1/ if it is clutch as suspected how much for new one, preferably one with a bit more beef than standard?
2/ Will i be able to claim of the warranty i received from the garage or is it another mt wallet job?(it is a grey and i have a years warranty )
Will it be ok to drive cautiously in the meantime?
help lads i am currently keeping it below 60mph and am being burnt up by fiesta pop pluses at the lights.

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click links on LTR and go to C0-ord sport site ,most info for new uprated clutches are there.
Ap motor sport is another site,if no one posts tel number in the mean time ,Im sure I have it at work.
As far as your keeping under 60 mph is concerned, Do It.
As you may need a new fly wheel if you scorch the thing with too much revs.This is costly.
You may need a new fly wheel any way with some of the uprated clutches.£1000 circa for a light weight.

paul s

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Couple of things:
I've never made a warranty claim, but I bet if the dealer/warranty company get wind of your mods (especially the remap) they will refuse your claim.
Warranty claims are limited to a certain amount (usually £1-2k) and I believe this covers parts and labour. I believe the phrase aren't worth the paper they are printed on is very true.
I hope I'm wrong on both points for your sake, as it sounds like it could be expensive!
Good luck,
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