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Help pls!

Driving to the track this morning, everything running fine (apart from persistent overboost spikes to 1.2 bar, though it would settle at about 0.9 to 1.0 bar). Then after about an hour of driving, lost all boost completely. The digital boost gauge on my Apex'i AVC-R would never go higher than -0.31 to -0.29.

Obviously, car is suddenly gutless now (though I must say, not as much as I would have thought!). Strange though, that there are no other signs of trouble:

- car idles fine;
- runs and revs smoothly still;
- oil pressure, oil temp, EGT, water temp all within normal levels
- no unnatural exhaust smoke;
- no obvious loose hoses in the engine or wiring related to the AVC-R

Admittedly, I haven't really looked that hard yet, because the engine was hot and there was no shade from the 38 degree summer heat!

What could be wrong though? Spoke briefly with two of the tuners/mechanics I normally frequent, and theories ranged from (best to worst):

1) loose plumbing;
2) faulty wastegate actuator;
3) blown turbine

I suppose I'll know what it is within the week, but I can't sleep thinking it could be something serious! Anyone have any other ideas?


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Check your intercooler hoses, I had a pipe blow off right at the bottom of the engine bay on my TT Supra - took about 5 minutes to find it with a lead light.



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Check for loose piping,
intercooler pipes
boost controller pipes
turbo pipes.
Is it whooshing a lot at low revs, its definately one of the small pipes which is loose or leaking pressure!
either that, or the boost controller is faulty, but then if it was you should be running std boost 0.9 bar,
but in your case its below that??
sorry not much help really:(


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Ok, will be sure to check all piping when I get home this evening.

BUT if the turbine has really gone, what would be the symptoms? Read some posts here by guys who blew their turbos. What should I be looking for (i.e., before taking the trouble and expense of taking the turbine assembly off the car for inspection?)

Many thanks in advance!

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Turn your car on and give it a couple of revs, then turn the car off, listen then to your turbo spinning, if it is not smooth, and is coarse then
you might have a problem.

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Ok, 'tis all sorted now :D

Turned out was just a teeny tiny vacuum hose that had worked itself loose. Not sure what you call it-- either exhaust gas recirculation valve or fuel regulator line or something (any techheads on here know? HH6? Evoboy?) It's this tiny rubber hose about the diameter of your pinky finger that attaches to the end of the intake manifold/plenum.

Reattaching it took all of 10 seconds (including securing the hose with a cable tie), and the car was completely back to normal after that, as far as I can tell from a brief drive around last night.

When the hose was still loose, the boost gauge on my AVC-R was reading between -39 and -29 mm/hg pressure, and would never get closer to 0.0-- much less positive boost-- no matter what I tried. As soon as the hose was back in place, the gauge jumped to aroung -400 mm/hg, and boost was back to normal-- i.e., peaking above 1 bar again.

Does anybody know exactly what that hose is? And could I have possibly damaged anything driving around with it not attached? I had to drive over a hundred kilometers to get home before finding the problem. Generally kept it at low to medium revs while doing so-- i.e., below 4.5k RPM's.

Cheers! :)
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