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hey guys,

i got a 1.8 gsr.. the problem i have is the check engine light comes on when the car has warmed up (i'm guessing when the resistor heats up and starts detecting air flow etc)..

anyhow, my check engine comes on whenever i'm cruising about 2-2.8k rpm, then when i give it a bit of gas and as soon as the turbo kicks in, the check engine goes off.. and when i go back to cruising after a while it comes back on again, until i give it a bit more gas etc..

anybody had this problem before or even better, know wot is happening and how to fix it??


[email protected] if anyone can assist me! thanx again.

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if you are patient then one of the clever mob will let u know for sure...but low oil pressure could be as simple as a breather hose to something major..of course i could be well wrong and you might have a faulty switch, but sounds as though it is related to engine speed.

Is your oil level ok?

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yes, well engine oil is all fine etc... checked all that, check for hose/vacuum leaks etc...

and its not really related to speed, its more related to engine RPM...
i could be doing 10km/h and it'll come on, but as soon as i rev over 3k rpm.. it goes away..
any gear, etc...

anyhow, i will pull out the ECU codes and try to clear them up, if not i will take it to Mitsubishi to test out the ECU cos theyve known of the ECU playing up.. even in the EVO's n that... so yer..

anyhow, car right now is getting a full oil flush, transmission flush etc etc.. see how things go from there...

but keep me posted guys.. let me know if anyone of u's have come across this problem before... cos the check engine light is ####ing me off, theres nothing wrong with the drivability or sound of the engine.. seems to be working fine and dandy.. even my mechanic said.. but its just ####ing me off tho.. and once hes done servicing the car etc, he's gonna clear up the ECU codes for me and go from there, wish me luck :)

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could be low engine oil pressure, but if it doesn't go away until 3000rpm you would have other problems if pressure was that low.

most electric problems on a car are caused by poor contacts. Logical really when you think about the appaling conditions on a car (wet, salty, hot, vibration etc.) so check the condition of all connectors (try unplugging/replugging, look for corrosion etc). Also worth checking voltage off alternator - it may be low due to it starting to fail. then start checking sensors. try disconnecting one at a time to see the effect (this may bring light on permanently).

electrical faults can be tricky to trace. i had a funny on my wife's montego where the battery had gone flat. tried to charge it but battery wouldn't take charge until i disconnected feed to car as there was a massive current drain. Pulled out each fuse in turn. drain still there. Now ####ed off i pulled out all fuses. drain still there. Started to trace wiring. Disconncted the positive feed to the starter motor. Drain stops. Discover wire off starter causing the drain. check in Haynes. wire goes to alternator. Turns out the regulator had developed an earth fault. took me 2 hours to find it then 1 hour to change alternator.

get a meter - good luck!
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