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Hi Guys,

In the not too distant future, I will (hopefully) be replacing my stock turbo with an HKS GT3037S turbo kit (courtesy of Manuel Go). I will then buy a programmable ECU to tune the car. In addition, I will most probably buy a Bosch Motorsport Fuel Pump (044) but leave the standard injectors. I believe the EVO 4 has 510cc injectors? Also, I may buy an HKS Metal Head Gasket (1.2mm) which is supposed to bring down the compression ratio to 8.5:1?

So far, I have done the usual exhaust, air filter, BOV, boost controller...etc. Now, with the above mods...what do you guys think would be the maximum power I could get out of my car without the engine detonating and killing itself? I know that the limitations will probably be my fuel system. But can anyone give me a rough estimate on an expected power output? I don't want to run more than 1.3bar of boost - safety reasons.

Thanks in advanced.
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