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I have a problem with the heating in my E6 GSR, basically the blower
motor isnt blowing any more, i can control the power from the
controls, but it has no effect, i know all the other controls work
fine, as when im driving the force of air makes air come into the car
from the vents. I can change the position and temperature ok. I
know the blower motor isnt at fault, the technician at the mitsi
garage tried a working one and this didnt solve the problem. So
basically i think theres a problem with the wiring loom itself. When
i first noticed the problem it used to blow on of the 25 amp fuses in
the fuse box inside the car, however, that doesnt happen anymore.
I cannot be bothered to pay a garage to look at it because my car is
nicked from japan, and it may taken back by the jap insurance
company, but im allowed to keep the car until they decide wat they
are gonna do, so im reluctant to spend any money on the car when it
may get taken from me.....but i dont know if and when. But the way
the weather is at the moment, i cant see anything out of the car and
it freezing.
If anybody could help me in anyway, i would greatly appreciate it.
Perhaps if anyone has a tech manual, they could scan in the diagrams
for the heating system, so i can see if i can sort it myself.
Sorry for going on a bit, but i need the heating!!!

Thanks in advance


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Looking at the circuit diagrams and what you have described, it could be the blower switch
assembly that is at fault and/or the wiring that connects it to the blower motor.
Since you said that the blower when turned on used to blow out the 25 amp fuse in the blower relay circuit, but now doesn't do it anymore.This suggests there is no path for the current to travel via the switch. However, the blower relay is connected to the ignition also.

For the heater aircon/system and electrical diagrams there is a cool 100 pages worth, so I've selected a few trouble shooting pages and the circuit diagrams for the heater and air conditioner and also the full auto air-conditioner.
If you go through the trouble-shooting guide and circuit diagrams and find that you need anymore pages let me know.

Tell me an address to post this to and I'll pack it up and send it tomorrow.

Also, I'm sorry to hear that they may be taking your Lancer from you. Who did you buy it from are they liable for passing on stolen property ?

-Mr Mime

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I purchased the car from a dealer in Ilford, however, he's since been arrested for selling stolen cars, when i bought my e6, he had roughly 40 high performance cars at the dealership, ALL STOLEN. The thing is that the garage he had setup was really professional. Oh well wat goes around, comes around..... he's gonna get his good now.

Can you post your email address i will send you my address.
Thanks, i really appreciate this.


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No problemo ! Send your address to [email protected] and [email protected] (our company
changes names at least once a year because of takeovers!)It should get to me.
Then I'll dump the diagrams to printer and send.

Glad to hear the d**khead that sold you that car is gonna get his come-up-ance.
As ye sow, so shall ye reap....

-Mr Mime
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