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Heat censor

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Hi all- right need to know whether the heat censor on e1-3 is linked to the ecu, usually there just a tell tale that somethings wrong with the cat and dont have anything to do with ecu!
anybody know different on these?
or anyone fitted a decat to e1-3 without the heat censor plug?
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cat overheat sensor is not linked to the ecu our local dealers contacted japan for us and they said just link the sensor out it will be fine,ours has been running like this for about 15 months no probs it is located just behind the cat.apparently you dont need it in this country. :)
bugger put thew car away for the night now m8 i will check tomorrow for you when i get home from work.
sorry for the slow reply m8 i meant to look last night but a good friend of ours died yesterday morning so i didnt get time to check when i got home.however i have just looked now and there are only two cores in the cable so strip them back crimp them together,bit of heatshrink and bobs your uncle.
:D :D :D
mine is crimped and has been fine for quite some time now,also shows no fault code on the mitsi computer. :D
let us know how you get on m8
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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