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Heart attack!

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Monday night, driving home on my usual dash over the back roads something feels not quite right. Slow down and theres the unmistakable vibration from a broken crank shaft bearing. Limp home very very upset Tuesday moring, after speaking to Oakleys, Mitsubishi rescue come and pick up my car and deliver it to them. Verdict, bottom bearings gone and crankshaft less than straight, cause, very little oil in the engine. It seems that within 4500 miles of the last service the cars used up all its oil, but no blue smoke or oil warning lights and definitly no oil leak. It's taken two days for Mitsubishi to approve the repair on warrenty (sleepless nights, you bet)
but that oft derided warrenty has safed my bacon :D. Thus, for everyone who uses their cars daily like me, check your oil level even though its changed every 4500 miles things can go pear shaped. And that thin volume of service details and warrenty card are worth something! (a bloody great deal in my case :smthumbup

Happy motoring everyone :D
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No leaks, no smoke, car 6 months sure the service people remembered to actually fill her up again after emptying out the old oil at the last service?! Just wondering ;)

Glad it's getting sorted though :)
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