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Any one any idea on the Ralliart headlight 'upgrade'?
Apparently s hit lights are standard in Japan.

What other options are available?

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I was looking at this too - nice, but expensive. upauto do a 3 light conversion too - supposed to be quite good, depends on individual taste looks wise.

You could just upgrade the bulbs, and there is a hid conversion available too from Belloff, but that is REALLY expensive!

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What is the general opinon that most of the lights from this site ( are imports from Japan and would fail an MOT?

I'm very, very tempted to go for the twin set for my 4. I have spoken to the guys onsite and they advised the police have no probs( thinks) but would definitly not pass MOT due to the light emission pattern....

Thoughts anyone?


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I've spent a lot of time looking into lights on the Evo V/VI! Here's all the options I've found:

Ralliart, probably the HID option that is available in Japan, which uses the Cibie conversion. It only replaces the headlights and not the indicators.

As well as doing a headlamp conversion, Cibie also do a fog conversion. It is however a complete ripoff, it would be cheaper to buy the Ballasts, Xenons and Projectors seperately.

M'Technic, replaces the whole light cluster, with a choice of Xenon or Halogen bulbs. They don't look like projectors to me though:

Upauto, major flaw, their triple conversion doesn't have side lights, just indicator and split main/dipped lights. All using Halogens.

The Mirage in the US is the same bodyshell as the Evo V and as the V light cluster is the same as the VI you can interchange them. I've found a couple of sets:

I've come to the conclusion that there's not a lot out there, so I'm resorting to building my own.

A couple of things to bare in mind:

6K Xenons are completely illegal on UK roads due to the purple tint, which causes afterglow . 4.1K's are legal.
'E' lights are also a requirement on UK roads, due to the spread pattern. US lights tend to light forward, European lights more to the sides.

Xenon's for main beam is not a good idea, they don't take to being flashed or rapidly turned on and off. They also take a fraction of a second to warm up , which isn't good at high speed. Stick to Xenon's for dipped only.

To be completely legal, Xenon's must be self-leveling. When initially turned on, they need to level to the current weight distribution in the car. They are also supposed to have a cleaning system.

Finally, aligning Xenon's isn't easy, the top of the beam needs to be 2.5 below the horizontal line off the lights at 25'. After fitting them go to an MOT centre to get them aligned, it's easier.

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We offer both the 4300 kelvin HID kits, as well as the 6,000 kelvin HID kits (which arer legal in the UK according to my supplier, as it is what the M5 as well as 911 Twin turbo come with from the factory).

The 4300 kelvin kits are $625.00 including shipping to the UK (we are in the US)., the 6,000 kelvin run $725.00 including shipping to the UK.

Both kits plug into the existing wiring harness.

Z-1 Performance

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Adam, what is the URL for the place you are talking about?

Seen on coolbulbs:
If your vehicle uses 1 bulb for low and high beam i.e.: H4 you will be giving up your high beam.

(H4 is used on Evos)

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our site should be back up soon...

if the Evo uses a dual filament bulb, yes you loose the high beams, but if not, high beams can be retained
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